Friday, December 12, 2008

Check out this Give-A-Way!

I happened upon a blog called . They are having a Fiesta ware give-a-way! I love me some Fiesta ware! We have lots of the pink but the shamrock looks so cute with it! Check it out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! "Behold! I bring you good news of great JOY which shall be to all men!" Have a very beautiful and merry CHRISTmas from the (sometimes slightly strange) Pendergrass family! We love you all!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Minor Happenings and Random Ramblings

Michael is gone this week to hunt rifle season in Kansas. This pleases me to no end as it is a true time of renewal and happiness for him AND we get to fill our freezer for the year. However, I have said it before, I miss him when he is absent. So, there it is. I miss you sweet Mikey! Come home soon!

We are finally putting up all the Christmas decor around the house. I am still somewhat lost as to where things "go"- this being only our second Christmas in this house. In Kansas, I had a pre-determined place for all the decorations and now I am starting all over! It is kind of like putting a puzzle together without the box!

I have had a big bow making week and my poor area rug may never be the same. Lots of bits and pieces. Add to that, Christmas wrapping paper and snuggly cat fuzz and mercy! My vaccum has certainly been working overtime.

I am off to read and then bed. I am sooo enjoying this book, "World Without End" by Ken Follet. It is a sequel to his "Pillars of the Earth" which is now an Oprah book. However, My Momma was telling people to read it ("Pillars") LONG before Oprah even knew who Ken Follet was!
Tomorrow (we "plan" to be on the road by 7 am! Heavens!) we have a Girl Scout excursion to Lake Dardanelle. I will post pics of our travels!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ike the Football Playing Preacher

We have had such a big time these last few days and have just a few pictures to document our adventures. This Thanksgiving we traveled to Kansas to spend a few days at Grandma Sheila's and Uncle Matt's. Before we went to Kansas, Isaac had his Thankgiving Pagent at school. The children were grouped in different catagories: Corn, Men/women Pilgrims, Men/women Indians, turkeys, Pilgrim Ministers. Isaac was a Pilgrim Minister and was just too cute. Whenever his "role" came up in the story he (and all the other ministers) yelled, "Praise the Lord!". Only in the South would you go to a public school and hear you child yell out "Praise the Lord!" God Bless America!
We had a wonderful visit with Grandma and Uncle Matt. It was so good to see them and also see some of our Pittsburg/Frontenac friends. As you may have seen from the previous entries, we had crablegs for our Thanksgiving feast. We also had shrimp, scallops, corn, potatoes, onions and some Amazing Pumpkin Pie (with carmel and graham cracker crust)- SOOOOO Good! Thank you Grandma and Uncle!
The next picture is of Isaac with his trophy from flag football. He had a super time learning to play this year and plans to play again in the spring. The trophies are really cool and even have their names on them! He was so stoked. "My first trophy Mom!"
We are glad to be settled back in our own little nest. We certainly had a blessed Thanksgiving! God bless you and yours! Til next time......

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving Note From Bailey Rose

Hi. This is Bailey Rose. i am at my grandmas house .For the week end .And thanksgiving.I am thankful for my family and jesus.I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!and guess what {for those who like crab legs}on Tuesday {wich is today.}we are going to eat crablegs. I LOVE CRAB LEGs!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful Thoughts

I am thankful for many things throughout the year. This time of year just makes me even more thankful than I usually am. God is sooooo good to me. My husband is truly the love of my life. AND beyond that, we really like each other! HA! I miss him when he goes away, I light up when he walks in the room and he is the first one I want to talk to when anything happens in my life. My children are more than I could ever imagine. Beautiful and hopeful, funny and healthy. What more could any woman ask for? This first year in Arkansas has certainly been interesting. It has not always been easy and we have learned to praise Him in every storm. Through our thankfulness we have learned God has (once again!) proved graceful and steadfast. There was a time I would have been wary that things were going "too good". Can you imagine? But that is just a lie. A rotten, stinkin' lie. "Everything in prayer and supplication". Anxiety is not part of the plan for my life. Even though it tends to creep in occasionally, I lean on the promise that we are never alone. And there is just one more thing I am thankful for. Gosh, will this list EVER stop!? God bless and good night!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fer Real, I'm So Sure....

So Friday night was Bunco night. Guess what the theme was? The more I started remembering about the 80's the more nauseous I got. Lemme tell ya- that is some BIG hair. Yes, the eyeshadow is blue and the dress and belt is vintage 80's from the local Goodwill. I think I scared the kids... (I am keeping the belt). Can anyone say seventh grade? Fer real, don't be a dweeb, I mean, as if......

I Don't Think She Has a Future at Hallmark...

This is a bit blurry but I HAD to share it with you. When Michael came home from Kansas with the stomach flu we kept Bailey Rose away from his "sick bed" so as to protect her from the "puke germs" (didn't work by the way...). Nonetheless, she was genuinely concerned about her Daddy's welfare. She broke out the scrapbook supplies and created a handmade card just for her Guy. He did recover and is feeling fine... just in time, too. Tuesday night Bailey Rose and I got a round of the stuff and spent most of the long weekend recouping. EVERYONE is better now! Thanks so much for all of those who offered up prayers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out Part Two!

Saturday morning Bailey Rose and I hopped up and took off on a Girl Scout trip! Bailey Rose, another scout and I headed out for Toltec Mounds in Lonoke near Little Rock. So cool and so fun! These mounds and the civilization that built them existed in prehistoric times. Cool, right? This was a council sponsored event so we got to meet up with other Girl Scouts. After the tour we ate lunch and came home. For the rest of the day we did a little shopping and just hung out together. That evening, I gave Rosie a pedicure (she is super ticklish on her feet!). As she was getting her toes painted she drifted off to sleep, sweet little girl. I had so much fun just being with her and enjoying her all by herself. She is so funny and says some of the most curious things! Where does an eight year old come UP with this stuff?
The next morning, the boys were due home. Bailey Rose and I were headed off to church and to teach Sunday School and we got a call from Michael. "Guess who is sick now?" Michael said. Poor thing. He traveled home (a 5 hour trip that ended up taking 7 hours) with various "necessary stops" regarding his sickness. He made it home and went straight to bed. We were glad to have our boys home, sick or otherwise. Another adventure on the Penderosa!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Girl's Night Out!

Well, we got rid of the men (it's deer season in KS) and the Girl's Have Gone Wild! Ok, perhaps a little toned down from the "original version" but fun all the same! Bailey Rose and I kicked off the weekend a little early on Thursday evening by eating tomato soup In the living room On the Floor for dinner! Then, between me tying up an order of bows, we played Jr Monopoly. She cheats BTW. She crashed in our bed and we slept and coughed and blew our noses until around 6 this am. I had mentioned to her the night before that "Monk" was coming on at 7am on Friday. IF she got all her chores done Before seven, she could watch it. Honey, she was up, brushed (teeth and hair), dressed and fed and poised in front of the TV by 6:58 am. HA! She only got to watch 30 min of it but some is better than none- right?

Sidenote: Bailey Rose is HOOKED on the "Monk" series! Grandma Sheila got her the second season for her birthday this year. She actually wanted to dress up as Monk for Halloween but I wasn't sure quite how to pull that off. Thank you Tony Shalub...

I subbed today and then we came home together. By 5:30 we were out again and went for dinner at a wonderful Korean restaurant, Kopan. Yummo! Our super dinner was followed by the new "Madagascar" movie. Pretty cute flick. The penguins are still the funniest characters. Now we are cuddled in bed getting ready for another big day.

Sidenote #2: Got a message from Michael after the movie tonight that our Little Man, Ike, was feeling yucky. A sour tummy (complete with a "dinner review") but no temp. Prayerfully, he is on the mend. Poor little guy. However, I am not worried. Daddy and Uncie Macky are on the job.

More updates tomorrow! Off to snuggle my girl and watch "Hannah Montana"!

I Wanna Be Like Her....

So, you may have noticed something different..... I changed the background on our blog! I have attempted this before when my sister did it but had little success. Baby Sister has always been a little cooler than me. But then Renee' changed her blog and I thought, "I wanna do that too!" So I tried again and I must say that because of the modifications made by "The Cutest Blog on the Block" I finally had success! So, enjoy this background because this is just another crafty outlet for me so there is no telling What will happen next.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Back!

Because of the beauty that is my Mother-In-Law, my Sweet Boy (my big boy, Michael) and I ran away together for a weekend to Hot Springs! While Grandma Sheila and Uncle Matt watched the Rugrats we were headin' for the hills. Hallelujah, it was wonderful! Now, I am a cheap date so we didn't stay in a fancy-schmancy B & B. Nonetheless, we both slept like rocks after each day of sight-seeing. I had never been to Hot Springs and was taken by the history (I had no idea!) and the naturally occuring HOT springs. Get it?! They really are hot and are just here and there around downtown Hot Springs. You can even drink it. We took two jugs of it home with us. Michael and I both took in a traditional hot mineral bath. We signed up for the Real Deal- just like they did in the "old" days. In a REAL bath house. When you go, you gotta do this! Not expensive at all ($26 per person) and took about an hour. I loved it and will certainly do it again. We also toured Hot Springs National Park (right in the middle of downtown Hot Springs), walked by the river, saw Al Capone's original gangster car (!),ate at an amazing meal at a place called Rolanda's and shopped local boutiques (including two groovy bead shops). We also talked and laughed and smiled and held hands. We took naps and more naps and played cards. I am happy and relieved to report that I am married to my Favorite Person in the World. At one point, as we were walking by the river looking for rocks (both of us like this past time) Michael tossed pebbles into the water. Now, I was raised around lots of girls (my poor Dad was sooo out numbered) and as a momma of a boy I am constantly trying to "figure men out". I asked Michael, "Why do little boys throw rocks into the river?" I mean, anytime Isaac is around water at all, he wants to throw something (usually a rock) into it. Michael leaned down, picked up another rock and calmly said, "Because it changes the river." Wow. I was amazed. Cool trip. Cool dude. Cool answer.
BTW, I don't have any pictures to post! We were having such a good time we didn't even think to take pics! HA! Next time maybe....

Monday, October 20, 2008

And the Award goes to.....

We are back from the dr and Isaac received the ear infection award AND a "touch of pnemonia" award! He is feeling better though. We got his medicine, some batteries for his V-Smile, Cars character noodle soup and Orange Juice. Life is good. Maybe back to school tomorrow or Wednesday. Get him on that prayer list you got and we'll use 'em.

Baby Brother

Poor Baby Brother Ike is under the weather. He even had to miss a flag football game yesterday! So this morning when I told him that he wouldn't be going to school he was soooo sad! He said, "It's not raining and I will miss out on all my recesses!" He has been running a low grade temp since Saturday afternoon (between 102-99). The very best thing about all of his "puniness" is that he has been Super cuddly! Yummo! I love me some blonde headed snugly Baby Boy! Our "regular" dr that we found not long after we moved here has since moved and- Thank you Jesus!- we have not had cause to find another doctor since then because we have all been so healthy! Well, 'tis the season for snot noses so off we go to find someone new to poke and prod us. Michael is off on business so I am a single mom for a while. I continue to see blessing piled on my house each day. Here are only a few:

>When my babies are sick, I don't have to choose where I will be! My priority lies with them at that moment and I can give myself fully to them without guilt or financial strain! Thank you Father! And thank you Michael!

>We haven't had to go to the dr in MONTHS!!! I mean MONTHS!!!! Can I get an Amen? My children, namely BaileyRose, have been challenged with health issues in the past but gosh! Talk about healing! A snot nose is almost welcome!

>We have put back monies to pay for dr bills and medical supplies. It is always fun to keep that money back but this is where it is meant to be used.

>I have a warm house to keep my children in and help them get better.

Okay, I will stop here but please know that the blessings certainly do not. God is so amazing to watch and behold. Each day I ask to have His blessings on my life revealed so that I can Know Him more. Let me tell you, He Always delivers. Have a day full of awareness that your Heavenly Father is blessing you in big ways and small.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

She got me too!

Okay, my super funny and rockin friend Renee' has "tagged" me. This means that I have to write 7 weird/random things about myself. I really don't think I am weird but here goes...
  1. My all time favorite food is baked corn tortillas (til they are nice and crispy). Not tortilla chips, just the little round tortillas (MiCasa brand are my favorite).
  2. I am a house cleaning zealot (I Swiffer AT LEAST once a day) but my Chrysler Town and Country is ummmmm, well not exactly tidy.
  3. I often have dreams concerning the construction of bows and good deals on ribbon. In my dreams I usually get these deals at a mind-blowing garage sale.
  4. I have a STRONG aversion to my husband's NASTY toenails. Really, these are BAD and had I closely inspected them BEFORE the marriage, they could have been a deal breaker.
  5. I have known said husband since I was 6 months old.
  6. I am 35 years old and I have never smoked a cigarette. Ever. Yuck.
  7. I refuse to kill spiders (in or out of the house) and will very often scoop them up with a cup and transport them to a more appropriate home.

See Renee'? I am really pretty normal! Are you disappointed? I know on the surface I SEEM strange but after reading my sister's list I am thinking I am actually the most normal one in the family. Hmmm, that almost makes me sad! HA! I love you crazy VanDruffs! God bless you and Good night!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today I am Thankful for...

  • My Momma coming to visit and being crazy and silly with my kiddos
  • Enough money to purchase a super cool Bible for my Hubby
  • A super cool Hubby that wanted a new Bible
  • Crisp fall evenings
  • a yummy dinner waiting for our family in the crock pot!!! Love me some crock pot!

That's my list for today.....


So I am posting to quiet my Baby Sister. She is a Blog-a-holic and she needs a fix. If you have a blog, please post and leave a link for her. It's not her fault; she is trapped in the house with a 3yr old and a newborn. Please blog to support her habit.
Today my Momma is coming to visit. Tomorrow is Grandparents day. If you know my Momma, then you know she doesn't really fit the "Grandparent" mold so it strikes me funny that she will be an Honoree at this event. Monday and Tuesday I subbed at the kid's school. Crazy! (Pray for 1st grade teachers) Yesterday I did not get a call and got to stay home and CLEAN!!!!! Yea!!!! I know, even I was amazed at how excited I was. When I mentioned my "homebound" situation to BaileyRose, she commented on GrandTone's visit. "Now you can clean for when GrandTone comes to visit." Nah, not really. GrandTone brings her own mess with her. But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning my home yesterday. God showed me what a joy being "just" a homemaker and SAHM truly is. And what an honor it is! Imagine that! Go figure! Shout out to the Big Man! I also switched out seasonal clothes for both children (Big Job!). So, GrandTone will be here today and we are very ready and very excited. She is bringing baby kitties. How fun is that? Okay, here is some more for ya Kat. My grocery list: Ovaltine, a new pillow, picture hangers, Cow Milk and Soy milk, tortillas, peanut butter, light bulbs, spray butter. I have Bible study in about 13 minutes so I better go smooth my curls. One more thang, go- today- and purchase the book, "The Shack". It will Change Your Life. I just finished it Tuesday. Amazing. Never have I heard the trinity explained so well. God loves us so much and He wants us to understand, as much as our human minds will allow, just How much He loves us. This Will redefine how you talk with Him. Really, go get it. Now. Stop reading. Get in the car...... Why are you still reading? GO! Carmel Corn......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today I am Thankful for...

  • My sweet husband who is back home from the hurricanes! For good! Yippee!
  • Cinnamon Altoids dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Two working vehicles
  • A sense of self worth from Great Parents, an amazing husband and a beautiful Heavenly Father-BTW, I am reading "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge if you can't tell! Every woman should read this book!
  • a HUGE garage sale in a neighboring subdivision that starts tomorrow at SEVEN AM!!!

That is my list for today.....

Go Get 'Em Boys!

Check out his mouthpiece! Stretch it out Boys!

Michael and I helped the coach keep everyone on the field.

So tonight Ike had his last practice before his first big game on Saturday! Now, I wasn't raised in a football family- my dad was a band director and our family was not especially fond of marching season. But may I tell you that Flag Football for 4 and 5 year olds is one of the cutest things I have had the pleasure of witnessing! These little guys are gung ho and playing ball! My little guy is, obviously, the cutest one on the team but don't take my word for it.... see for yourself.

(Down, Set, Hut!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Today I am Thankful for...

  • a warm, dry house
  • fun and creative hobbies
  • children who ask to pray for their Daddy
  • 75% Fat free sharp chedder cheese by Cabot Cheese! Yum!!!!
  • a loving Saviour who makes Himself known to me even when I am cleaning house
  • snaggle toothed grins!

That is my list for today.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Haircut and New Smile!

I am posting these together although they did not happen on the same day. On Friday I went to my amazing and very sweet hairdresser and got my "old" haircut back. I had been trying to grow out the front and be groovy but it just wasn't working. In our family, my baby sister got the groovy gene- I did not. I am OK with that- I embrace my "Nerdness"! Baby Sister can put together a knockout ensemble and wear funky vintage jewelry and everyone thinks it is very cool. I try to wear the same thing and people mutter and shake their heads. So I went back to my reliable Mom haircut and I am happy with it. It is comfortable and very "me". I'm a yoga pants, soft tee shirt kinda gal. I don't MIND getting dressed up I just have to have someone help me (please see, "My husband is a Fashionista" article).

On another and more exciting note, Bailey Rose lost another!!!! tooth! She was helping me at church in the toddler room today (Sunday) and was playing on the floor with a little girl. Seems that the little girl did something that resembled a head butt (she is a very sweet little girl) and the tooth got looser and Bailey Rose came back from the bathroom with one less tooth. So cute! Now we are asking her to pronounce all kinds of words that trip up her tongue and lack of teeth.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today I am Thankful...

  • A wonderful spiritual family made up of wild and crazy Christian women in my Bible study
  • My Little Sister and her humor that keeps me laughing
  • Blackberries... can you believe it? It keeps me in touch with my long, lost husband!
  • Candy Corn and popcorn- TOGETHER!!!!! What? It's only 4 pts!
  • Children that pray

That's my list today....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today I am Thankful...

Today I am thankful for:
  • My kids happily playing together
  • My Husband had a day of safe travel
  • I have a warm, dry house with electricity
  • I have TWO good books to read tonight!
  • I live in a free country where I can freely attend worship at the house of the Lord Jesus without suffering persecution (We are going to church tonight!)
  • My Super Cool Sister that takes wonderful care of my (sometimes) weary spirit
  • My Earthly Father and my Heavenly Father
  • My crazy momma who taught me to be Brave

That is my list today.....

My Husband... the Shopper and Fashionista

So Michael got to come home for a little over 36 hours. He is still working the hurricane in TX. When he got to come home early on Sunday, we were Tickled!!!! During the day on Tuesday, we dropped the kids at school, came home and got ready for the day (details censored) and then went shopping!!!! Yes! I said Shopping! How great is THAT!?! My husband is home, has a day off and took me shopping! Glory Hallelujah! We went to Target, where he helped me pick out a dress. Then off to Toys R Us to purchase a Speed Racer Halloween costume (for Ike) and then down to the River Market! This is SO MUCH FUN! When you come to visit I will take you. We bought fresh veggies (Michael's favorite) and then walked all the way down Main Street to the Community Bakery. We had lunch there and it was delicious! I had a grilled veggie panini and Michael had a bread bowl of veggie soup. Aren't we Metropolitian? The walk was well over a mile so we treated ourselves to some snacks from the dessert case. Of all the things I could choose from, I got a snickerdoodle- my favorite! Then we walked back to the car and stopped by a little equal trade store and I got a rockin pair of earrings. 10$ bucks! Michael had to leave again this am but our little and precious time together on his short stay home was so fun. We are all learning to cherish our family much more through all this. God teaches us at the funniest times, doesn't He? Off to grab the kids from school! Have a great day!

Another One Bites the Dust!

Well, the tooth saga continues at the Penderosa. Early on Monday morning (hence the sleepy face!) BaileyRose pulled out her second tooth! Check out that Big Gap! This child took her own sweet time in pulling this tooth. So much so that, when she pulled it, it didn't even bleed! I'm not sure HOW it was hangin in there. But it did and then it didn't. So now she is working on the one beside it. I am soooo looking forward to the "neighbor" tooth coming out! How Cute will that be?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Projects

I am trying to keep busy. It is not so hard. It IS kinda messy. So here is the plan. I am finishing up a shipment of bows, assembling my Christmas cards and cleaning out that little space beside my fridge. That last one takes some doin', lemme tell ya. That's tonight. Today, I walked three miles, took a friend to the airport, did some shopping at Michael's (they have Crikut stuff on sale!), came home and did up the rest of the laundry, returned emails (Girl Scouts, Life Groups, BaileyRose's teacher), picked up a friend's little boy that I watched this afternoon/evening (The airport friend's child), picked up my Own children, made crescent rolls for teacher's treat at school, helped with homework and made dinner for various children that were around my house (some I gave birth to, some I did not...). Bills got paid and movies got returned. Tomorrow I plan to make LOTS of cookies for my hubby and his buddies in TX and for the WatchDog dad meeting at school. It helps to stay busy at night so that I don't hear the quiet. My mom says I have always been pitiful whenever I don't have friends to play with but really it's that one voice I don't hear. Being sad is not something I am familiar with and I am not so good at it so I am gonna try something else. I DID hear from Michael a little tonight. He loaded trucks all day and is tired. The power is slowly coming back on here and there. Even people in Ohio were affected by this storm. Michael said they had some guys contracted out of Ohio and they are still cleaning up the mess there. Far out.
So tomorrow will be one day closer to Michael being home. We will probably strangle one another when we have to learn to live together again! HA! It's a risk I am willing to take. Good Night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Love ya Daddy!

Well, this one is actually for Daddy down in TX. He came in town for 36 hours and left out on Saturday after lunch. The conditions in Texas are much worse than he saw in Louisiana with Gustav. We went to church this morning and asked a friend to take a quick pic to send to him. The utility guys/gals are working around the clock in less than great conditions. Michael is staying at the hotel even though they have no power (ie: air conditioning, TV). So after they work a 12-16 hour day, they go back and crash in a tiny and muggy hotel room. I feel so blessed to have a dry house with lights! Even here there are many families with no power. And restoration is slow because the crews are all in TX/LA.

While Michael is gone for this storm I have decided to be more productive than I was for the last storm. I have started working on my Christmas cards and am transfering my pictures from our desktop to our laptop/CD. After we transfer all the pics I will get rid of that dinasour of a desktop and Bailey Rose will have a much bigger workspace on her desk. I also have plans for my "Secret Corner of Shame". This little corner of the countertop collects clutter and such and should really be more organized. Perhaps I will do the junk drawer as well. So, more productivity and less pouting! Such a plan! Please pray for our dear work crews working so hard in the areas effected by the recent storms. God bless and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CHEESE!!! Swiss cheese, that is....

My Girl FINALLY lost her first tooth! Right before church tonight we wiggled Bailey's LONG loose tooth. It was sooo ready. But she had to be the one to pull it. No One Else! And truth be told, she didn't really pull it but kind of "bent" it out. First to the front and then the other way. She got that sucker out as little brother Isaac and I watched on, holding our breath and holding hands. When it came out we all started to scream and jump up and down in the bathroom! "It didn't even hurt! It didn't even hurt!" Isaac kept telling her he was so proud and she was so brave. NOT! That girl squalled and balled like a baby! But the tooth is out and at this very moment is under her pillow with a note to the Tooth Fairy. Whew! FINALLY!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Here to Help

Well, I am on my way to bed. But before I go, I thought I would share a little experience I had this morning at Northside Elementary.
I volunteer as a teacher's helper in BaileyRose's class. My day to work is Monday morning from 8 to 9. So, after I deposited the kids to their room, I went off to check the volunteer box in the workroom. Even at 8:03 I was too late! There, poised at both copiers and at the work table were Mommies in full blown "volunteerism" (is that a word?). I smiled at everyone and made my way to Mrs Robbins red tote box. My instructions said to make "25 copies of each". The box was full. I was not About to ask if any one of the Mommies was finished at Their Copier. This is a major faux pax amoung the volunteers. Step away from the copier!
I casually talked to the Mommy at the worktable while she cut out laminated pumpkins. I chatted with the secretary as she breezed back and forth between the front office and the teacher's lounge. I carefully watched the copier status.
Finally! The risograph was open. I stood up from my stool and discretly shuffled to the machine. You see, apparently, once you use a copier- it's yours for as long as you have copies to make. This Nikon was MINE!
I finished up my copies- I even made a couple of transparencies- and left just as the 9 am shift was making their way into the workroom. As I stacked up the last of my paperwork, a new face smiled at me as she clutched her teacher's blue tote box. Smoothly and gratefully, she took over my spot in front of the humming machine. We exchanged a knowing look.
Next Monday, the kids will sleep in their clothes and are going to eat breakfast at school. I WILL be the first one in the workroom. "25 copies of each"? No Problem!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do you See it?

A picture that Daddy sent us from Hammond. Do you see what I see? Keep Looking!

Random Happenings on Elk Bear

Not much happening here today. Actually, quite a lazy day. We went to church and came home for lunch. Later tonight we decided to make cards for Daddy.

During my "single momma experience" I have developed a new admiration for military wives. We have lots of them in our area as we live near an Air force Base. Of course we know when the soldiers go off on a deployment but what about those they leave behind? These gals are tough. So all you service gals out there- you Rock! Thank you for all that you do that no one knows about. I can't imagine living the life you live but I love you for it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My New Brother Might be Named Noah...

It has been raining here for, well, forever! Last night at church was communion and I really wanted to attend. However, I was a little wary of the rain situation. We went to service and came right back home. I wanted to make sure we could get into our neighborhood and not get washed away! The city crews have been in our subdivision all day trying to resolve the drainage problem. Apparently the storm drain catty-corner from us wasn't draining properly and consequently our neighbors' yard CAVED IN!!! Holy Moly! So the city crews brought in lots of earth movers and big black tubes and Lots and Lots of dirt (which is now mud). I am ready for things to dry out just a little so that I can try and mow my big Fat lawn! Glory Be that grass is thick! Hope you are all staying afloat! (This picture was taken from our driveway. See our little oak tree? His name is Frankie.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WOW! Bailey Rose is Eight!

Bailey Rose turned eight on Friday, August 29th. Impossible. I just can't believe that she is eight. I mean, how did that happen? So, on Saturday afternoon, lots of little girls filled our house and giggled and made crafts and compared cell phones. Cell phones are THE thing to have when you are eight. In all reality, they are glorified walkie-talkies. A cell phone was the big gift from Momma and Daddy. She couldn't quite grasp that the phone belonged to her. We sent her on a scavenger hunt and at the end she wound up calling her phone. Even when she found the phone, she answered it and expected to hear someone on the other end. HA! So now she is cool. I guess. If talking on the cell phone makes you cool, then I am at the head of the class!

The theme for her birthday party was Webkinz. For those of you not familar with this "world", it is a virtual world for stuffed animals with little coded tags. We made a cake to look just like the "Wheel of Wow". In Webkinz world you get to spin the Wheel of Wow each day. This cake is an Exact replica of that wheel. Yummo! This is probably the most involved cake I have ever done. Changing icing bags that many times was crazy! But it all turned out and it was delicious. WOW, another year come and gone.

I already KNOW how to do that!

I am posting this before I have my Volunteer Training this morning. Yes, I have to be trained in the art of cutting out construction paper apples and laminating wall calenders. Nevermind that I took an entire class in college on how to do all of this. And anything the class didn't cover, Girl Scouting and scrapbooking took care of! So I am hoping they have good coffee and lots of it. That will be reason enough to go. Not really, I have coffee here and it is raining outside. I wanna stay home and work on bow orders and drink my OWN coffee! Oh well, I better go get on my "real people" clothes and smooth my curls (My momma's phrase- my hair is better flat-ironed).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Hits Home

Hurricane Gustav came ashore in Louisiana this morning but it actually hit Arkansas before that. Michael got the call last week that he would most likely be activated for restoration response for the hurricane. We did laundry, packed provisions and prepared the kids. Michael has been traveling with work for the last two weeks and we have really missed him. He planned to leave Sunday, after church. However, as Gustav quickened his pace, Michael had to leave earlier than expected. Early Sunday morning he threw his bags in the company van and came inside to say goodbye to the kids. We prayed together for safety and a quick return. They had just wrapped their brains around Daddy leaving again. When they realized that he was leaving right away, they just busted up. So, the floods of Gustav hit early. That was the first wave.
Now, anytime they hear anything on the news about the storm they ask about Michael. Where is he? (Sleeping in a warehouse) Am I sure he is safe? (No, that is what I am Praying for) When will he be home? (We have no idea) Have I talked to him lately? (Yes, thank you Lord for cell phones!) I try to keep the TV away from the weather channel. The warehouse still has phone service- for that I am thankful. And, just like the real storm, the floods have dissipated here at home. It wasn't quite as bad as we thought. But, now we are in for the long haul. The threat has passed but now we wait and assess the damage.
I must say, I am so glad that we miss Michael. The house seems almost "broken" without him. He is such a great husband and daddy. Just the other day, I was asking God to make me aware of every blessing He has placed in my path and in the world around me. My mother always says that, in tough times there is something to be learned. The lesson for me is that we are a blessed family. Blessed with one another.
So now I have learned the lesson and seen the blessing..... Now Gustav, send my sweetie home!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whadaya Do? Huh?

So my sweet little kindergarten boy came clean, literally, on his third day of school. While I was washing his hair last Thursday night, Isaac confessed (looking at me with his big blue eyes) "I was a little bit naughty at school today." When I asked him what he did, he just looked down. Finally, he told me that he had been talking to a little girl, Autumn, about the toilet located in the classroom. They decided that if it overflowed that they could go surfing on the excess water. They kind of forgot to listen to the teacher and be quiet when they were told so..... Yep, girls will get ya everytime.

Flashforward to the next day. I picked the kids up from school and noticed a sticker on Isaac's shirt. "Cool sticker Ike", I said. "Yeah, I used to have three", he said. Um, What? Seems that as you enter gym class, you receive three stickers. If you are wonderful you get to keep all three stickers. If you slap a little boy named Logan on the arm and then talk sassy to the coach afterwards, you lose two stickers. Hence, the singular sticker on my lovely boy.

We went home to do some biblio-therapy in the form of "I'm sorry" letters to the coach and to Logan. Lemme tell ya, that is some doin for a kindergarten boy to write two full length letters. After it was all said and done (insert a talking-to from Daddy somewhere in all of this) he looks at me and says, "Writing is fun! I like writing letters!" Great! Whadaya Do?

Today is Monday. Today we prayed for and received, a better day. Hallelujah!

Stopping for a quick breath....

Hello! I haven't had a moment to blog since school started! Remember when I was wondering what I was going to do with all my new found time after the kids started school? Ummmm.... yea, that didn't happen. Glory Be! I have been nuts with the upcoming Life Group rally we are in charge of, my bow business orders, running all those errands that I never got to this summer and voluteering at the school (nevermind all the "normal" things that I have always done!). THEN the kids come home and we do homework (compliments of Momma). A select few people who knew, told me that I would be busier than ever AFTER the kids were in school. I shoulda listened. But, in truth, I do love to voluteer and work for a great cause and so my heart still smiles at the end of the day. Michael just laughs at me and shakes his head!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today Was the Day...

Well, today I took TWO children to school, the same school, and I left them there ALL DAY!!!! First we dropped off Bailey Rose in second grade with Mrs Robbins. Mrs Robbins is very young and pretty and her room was top notch. It is her first year at Northside. While I smiled and took pictures, I was secretly resisting the urge to tell her that while other children would be in her class, Bailey Rose would be the most helpful and charming. I wanted to tell her what a treasure Bailey is and what a blessing she is to our family. Bailey Rose sat down in her chair, tucked her bag away and smiled and said, "See ya Mom!". I took the information packet from Mrs Robbins and left. I just left. Bailey Rose was fine. I didn't really have time to let that sink in before Isaac was pulling on my pant leg and asking about his class. So, off we went. The kindergarten hallway was very congested with lots of mommas and daddies. We made our way to Mrs Saunders' class. There she was. Also, very pretty and very young. She was glad to see us and told us to let Isaac pick out a seat. He didn't quite know where to sit and we helped him find a chair. He sat down with his brand new Transformer backpack still on his back. I helped him hang it on the back of his chair. If he needed help with these small things, how would he make it through the day without me? I wanted to tell his teacher that this was my baby boy. That sometimes he got a scratchy neck if he got too sweaty. I wanted to tell her that Isaac was my last and maybe I should stay just for the first day. I looked down at Isaac's table and he was talking to a little boy next to him. They were working a puzzle. Wow. He looked up and smiled at me and said, "See ya Mom!" Mrs Saunders had her own version of an information packet. I took it and left. I just left. My kids were fine. So was I.

I was fine until we got outside and somebody actually asked me how I was. My quivering voice and tears surprised me. Michael laughed and hugged me as we walked. He said, "You did good sweetie". People told me taking both kids the first day of school would be hard but I thought they were talking about the kids!

They had a super time and are both ready to go right back tomorrow. I have to say that I missed them. I also got some good shopping done and had lunch at a place that does NOT serve chicken nuggets. I think I will be fine.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whatever will I DO?!

Now that my kids are BOTH off to school, people have begun to ask, "NOW what will you do?" I guess I am supposed to have a super plan that looks worthwhile to the outside world. Something I have secretly been waiting all these many years to do but haven't because of "the children". While this year will bring new adventures for the offspring, it will also bring a career change, of sorts, for me. One of my friends told me about something that service men do before they are discharged. They save up alllllll their days off and then, right before they leave their post, they take that time off all at once. It is called Terminal Leave. So, I think that is what I will do, for a while anyhow. At least a week or so. Terminal Leave. Yes, this will be my first day off in......
Well, in 8 years. So that is my super, life-changing plan. Actually, I do plan to sub a little at Northside (Bailey and Isaac's school) and amp up my bow business and be more involved at the church. So see I really DO have a plan but the Terminal Leave thing does sound tempting......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Last Trip Before School Starts....

This is my first entry, obviously. We are visiting my sister in KC and had a mini celebration for Bailey's 8th birthday tonight. My sister, Kathryn, ordered some incredible cupcakes from her neighbor for the event. YUMMO!!!! Bailey felt pretty special and we ALL enjoyed the cupcakes! We have had a lovely visit and will all be back together as a family on Friday when we join Michael and Isaac back at Grandma Sheila's. Isaac has been at Grandma's and Uncle Matt's this week. Each night he has been reporting big fun and lots of "I love you's". Next week, everyone goes back to school. This year BaileyRose will be a second grader and Isaac will be in kindergarten! Wow! How time flies!