Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WOW! Bailey Rose is Eight!

Bailey Rose turned eight on Friday, August 29th. Impossible. I just can't believe that she is eight. I mean, how did that happen? So, on Saturday afternoon, lots of little girls filled our house and giggled and made crafts and compared cell phones. Cell phones are THE thing to have when you are eight. In all reality, they are glorified walkie-talkies. A cell phone was the big gift from Momma and Daddy. She couldn't quite grasp that the phone belonged to her. We sent her on a scavenger hunt and at the end she wound up calling her phone. Even when she found the phone, she answered it and expected to hear someone on the other end. HA! So now she is cool. I guess. If talking on the cell phone makes you cool, then I am at the head of the class!

The theme for her birthday party was Webkinz. For those of you not familar with this "world", it is a virtual world for stuffed animals with little coded tags. We made a cake to look just like the "Wheel of Wow". In Webkinz world you get to spin the Wheel of Wow each day. This cake is an Exact replica of that wheel. Yummo! This is probably the most involved cake I have ever done. Changing icing bags that many times was crazy! But it all turned out and it was delicious. WOW, another year come and gone.


Renee' said...

I love love love that cake! Good job Miss Em! I hope Gustav lets Mike come home soon, and that Hanna leaves him there!

SingingBirthdayCard.com said...

Happy birthday Bailey!

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