Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Here to Help

Well, I am on my way to bed. But before I go, I thought I would share a little experience I had this morning at Northside Elementary.
I volunteer as a teacher's helper in BaileyRose's class. My day to work is Monday morning from 8 to 9. So, after I deposited the kids to their room, I went off to check the volunteer box in the workroom. Even at 8:03 I was too late! There, poised at both copiers and at the work table were Mommies in full blown "volunteerism" (is that a word?). I smiled at everyone and made my way to Mrs Robbins red tote box. My instructions said to make "25 copies of each". The box was full. I was not About to ask if any one of the Mommies was finished at Their Copier. This is a major faux pax amoung the volunteers. Step away from the copier!
I casually talked to the Mommy at the worktable while she cut out laminated pumpkins. I chatted with the secretary as she breezed back and forth between the front office and the teacher's lounge. I carefully watched the copier status.
Finally! The risograph was open. I stood up from my stool and discretly shuffled to the machine. You see, apparently, once you use a copier- it's yours for as long as you have copies to make. This Nikon was MINE!
I finished up my copies- I even made a couple of transparencies- and left just as the 9 am shift was making their way into the workroom. As I stacked up the last of my paperwork, a new face smiled at me as she clutched her teacher's blue tote box. Smoothly and gratefully, she took over my spot in front of the humming machine. We exchanged a knowing look.
Next Monday, the kids will sleep in their clothes and are going to eat breakfast at school. I WILL be the first one in the workroom. "25 copies of each"? No Problem!

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badenjamesprosper said...

I remember when I was volunteering at your elementary school....There was a sign above the copier machine that read, "Never let the copier know that you are in a hurry." It is so true!!! Do that, and you are there forever trying to redo all your projects. I am so proud of your willingness to serve, Em...AND to know that there are so many other mothers volunteering there as well. God bless these parents who see parenting as their First Job.