Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Hits Home

Hurricane Gustav came ashore in Louisiana this morning but it actually hit Arkansas before that. Michael got the call last week that he would most likely be activated for restoration response for the hurricane. We did laundry, packed provisions and prepared the kids. Michael has been traveling with work for the last two weeks and we have really missed him. He planned to leave Sunday, after church. However, as Gustav quickened his pace, Michael had to leave earlier than expected. Early Sunday morning he threw his bags in the company van and came inside to say goodbye to the kids. We prayed together for safety and a quick return. They had just wrapped their brains around Daddy leaving again. When they realized that he was leaving right away, they just busted up. So, the floods of Gustav hit early. That was the first wave.
Now, anytime they hear anything on the news about the storm they ask about Michael. Where is he? (Sleeping in a warehouse) Am I sure he is safe? (No, that is what I am Praying for) When will he be home? (We have no idea) Have I talked to him lately? (Yes, thank you Lord for cell phones!) I try to keep the TV away from the weather channel. The warehouse still has phone service- for that I am thankful. And, just like the real storm, the floods have dissipated here at home. It wasn't quite as bad as we thought. But, now we are in for the long haul. The threat has passed but now we wait and assess the damage.
I must say, I am so glad that we miss Michael. The house seems almost "broken" without him. He is such a great husband and daddy. Just the other day, I was asking God to make me aware of every blessing He has placed in my path and in the world around me. My mother always says that, in tough times there is something to be learned. The lesson for me is that we are a blessed family. Blessed with one another.
So now I have learned the lesson and seen the blessing..... Now Gustav, send my sweetie home!

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