Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Pics!

Hello to all and a Happy Christmas! Our first official act of Christmas was getting our Christmas card pics done. And here they are......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is a cake that I did for our pastor's twin boys. They love Legos so the theme was obvious! Had lots of fun making this and learned that corners on a cake really aren't that tough! Next up (both for this weekend) is a "Littlest Pet Shop" cake and then a two tiered brown and pink polka dot.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Laughing Cakes"

"Laughing Cakes" (Named after own son, Isaac) is officially open for business! As many of you know, I have been playing with cakes and all that is buttercream for some time now. If you find yourself in need of a birthday, Christmas or "Hey, It's Wednesday" cake... gimme a holler! I promise to have reasonable prices and delicious cake. And, as healthy as I eat on a daily basis, I can tell you my cakes are decadent and full of every ingredient a cake should have. I figure, it's cake, don't skimp on ingredients.... just eat a smaller piece! If you haven't seen pics, please take a look at older posts and then dream up your own!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A cake that will "bowl" you over~

Bailey Rose has joined a Saturday morning bowling league and has actually gotten quite good! This was her second time to bowl and she had a blast! She wants you to know that she uses an 8 lb ball..... apparently that is a big deal.... not sure why, it just is (at least to a nine year old!).

I got a new kit that makes fondant roses. I love it! (Can you tell! Ha!)

This was a three tiered soft pink cake in fondant. The roses are fondant and the ribbon is fabric. This was for a baby shower and the theme was inspired by the nursery bedding. The "E" was in gumpaste.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

October 31st is known by many to be Halloween but if you are a Girl Scout you know that it is also Juliette Gordon Low's birthday (The founder of Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding!). Our service unit had a birthday party in honor of Juliette. It was big fun! I made the cake for the event; one table cake and two sheet cakes (there were 90 people!!). This is a close up of Miss Juliette atop her birthday cake. The two tiers of the cake have different badges taken from the Brownie and junior and Cadette badge books.

The whole crew on a halloween adventure! Isaac, Jordan, Morgan, Bailey Rose, Kloe, Niki (in front of Kloe), Lesley. Some friends that live out in the "country" came to trick or treat in our neighborhood. What a bunch of goblins!

Mrs. Lisa (Morgan's Step momma) brought an edible craft for the kids to do. The idea was to construct the treats and then go trick or treating and come back and eat the treats.... yea, didn't quite last that long!

Again, my pics are out of order... who knows? This is a tattoo that BaileyRose got at the Girl Scout party.

Even little brother got in on the action....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

Ok, I always post these thing backwards... aggghhhhh!!! So bear with me as I explain picture by picture!

This cake was for Isaac's football team. They were in the playoffs Sunday afternoon. Kind of a "4-6 year old Superbowl"! Holy Moly! How exciting! We played a tough team and even though we didn't win (32 to 14) the kids still had lots of fun! Let them eat cake! Ha!
This is a double sheet cake I made for a friend's daughter who was turning 11. She wanted lots of stripes and polka dots..... so that's what she got! :) This cake was a new challenge for me. They didn't want the cake completely covered in fondant. Usually I give the cake a good icing in buttercream and then top it off with fondant. So this cake had a base icing of "crusting buttercream" with fondant accents. It was fun to do and, as always, I learned even more!

The concert was very elaborate. Lots of scene /costume changes..... really amazing. This gal sang forever! I was quite impressed at all she was able to do..... We got these tickets for BaileyRose's birthday. We had super seats so we had a blast!

This is what a sweet little nine year old girl looks like right before she is going to see Miley Cyrus- LIVE!

So, Saturday night was the MILEY CYRUS concert baby! We had such big fun! It was a total GNO! (Girl's Night Out is a Miley song, for those of you that aren't in the "know") My BaileyRose was such a little cutie.... a bit overwhelmed by everything. She has such a grateful heart and made me such a proud momma. Love you girlie!

On Friday, the kids were out of school and Mike had the day off! Yippee! So we all went to the movies! We had been waiting for "Where the Wild Things Are". The reviews from the family are mixed. The kids and I really liked it but Mike.... not so much. It is really more of a "film" than a movie. And it is perfect for kids around BaileyRose and Isaac's ages. I am not sure it would hold a younger child's attention. Cute boys, aren't they!?

Ike's class had a field trip to the Discovery Museum in downtown Little Rock. Such a cool place and really tough to do in just one visit~ especially with 100+ first graders! We saw a super neat demo with dry ice and various household objects. Now Isaac wants to put everything in that "hot ice" (as he calls it!).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Buzz!

We attended a halloween party with our couples group from church. Michael and I dressed as a bumblebee and a bee keeper! I need someone to keep me in line! Ha! I made a Halloween cake for our treat to share.

Cool Spider!

This spider spun a web right over the gate to the backyard. Mike discovered her as he was coming in to mow. He said he had to enter very carefully. I am a real spider enthusiatist and had to take a picture of this beautiful creature! Check out the cool "Zipper" in the middle!
Hungry Boys eating after long ride!

Me and my Lidda Dad! I love you Daddy!

"Eight dogs is too many!" Ok, maybe there weren't QUITE eight dogs but we were gettin close....

I would trust these two.... would you!? GrandTone is teaching Ike how to knit. He loves anything that has pieces and parts.... the knitting needles were very intriguing to him.
GrandTone and Grandpa came for a visit and we had big fun! As always! Grandpa and Mike had a bike ride down at the Rivermarket. GrandTone found a nearby dog show and took the Wolf Cub and Brother James. The rest of us just hung out and were glad to have them around!

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Cake Fun!

A friend of ours wanted a cake for his wife's birthday. They have a cabin on the Little Red River and this the cake version! I had to bake and decorate the cake all on the same day.... not ideal circumstances- especially when the cake is weighted down with heavy fondant. I learned A LOT about cake carving. Can't wait to do another "carving"! Happy day Mrs Ann! We love you!

This cake was for a young lady on her 15th birthday. A friend of mine connected me with her sis-in-law who wanted a cake for her daughter's birthday party. I have to say this was one of the MOST fun cakes I have done! And, I used a new buttercream icing recipe under the fondant..... OH MY GOODNESS! Even a sugar Nazi like me had to eat up a BIG OLE glob of that icing! I mean, anything for quality control, right? I didn't want to send off a yucky tasting cake! Ha!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!???

"Hey guys! Good game! High five!"
Paying close attention!

Takin' a break!

Down, Set!

Isaac- ready for the hand off!

Focus! Focus!

Ike had his first flag football game of the season! He did GREAT!!!!! He has played for the last two years. This year, he is really understanding what the game is all about...... positions, plays- all that football stuff. He scored one touchdown, got an extra point and pulled a flag. Best of all, he hustled during the entire game and really gave it his all! Can you tell I am a proud football momma!?! I came home a little hoarse from screaming and yelling so much! BTW, his team is the Patriots so if you have anything royal blue with the Patriots logo laying around the house, send it my way! Next weekend, I planned to be all decked out in football fan garb! Woo Hoo! Go team go!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally! Spa Birthday party pictures!

This year BaileyRose's birthday party was a spa theme. With the amazing help of some priceless girls from our church, everyone received a pedicure and manicure, made a necklace, customized lip gloss and scented soap! Somewhere in there, the girls ate cake.... everyone got their own cake and watched the new "Hannah Montana" movie. Around midnight, everyone settled down and went to sleep. In the morning we sent them off with muffins and smoothies.

A Cake Weekend....

There was quite a delicous smell in our house this weekend! On Saturday my friend, Christy, had a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband. They were expecting a lot of people so I made a double layer chocolate fudge sheet cake with milk chocolate icing between the layers. The top of the cake was iced with the same milk chocolate icing and then chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs were added on top of that..... hope he likes chocolate! The tombstone (made of french vanilla cake) was set down into the cake and covered with fondant. We had a real adventure getting the cake out to Christy's house! Let me tell, you this thing was heavy! Michael is the perfect driver for this mission! Thanks Mike!
Then, on Sunday, another friend Michelle, had a sending off party for her oldest daughter before she went to the army. This cake was made of french vanilla and vanilla icing.
After all the powdered sugar was wiped off and the dishes were done we started planning the next cake! Michael has become a wonderful consultant when it comes to the construction of the cakes. Our next cake will be a cabin at Little Red River for a birthday party. I will be sure to post pictures!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lock In Aftermath!

Isaac went to his first ever lock-in last night at our church. Apparently the boys room went to bed kinda late..... I know, shocking-right? Ha! I had to MAKE him lie down. See, he wasn't tired. That was 2 hours before these pictures were taken. Love you, Ikey!