Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hide and seek...

Do you see them? How many can you find?

Church Volunteer Retreat

The last weekend before school started we attended a retreat for volunteers at our church.
When we were going back to our cabin it began to rain..... this explains the goggles!
Boys who would rather be outside.... never fear, they received food soon after this photo was snapped!

So, as the girls were going back to their cabin to get their flashlights (on the 4 wheeler), it began to rain..... I am guessin the goggles acted as some kind of windshield........yeah, let's go with that.....

The Farris Family Visit

The girls really bonded this visit.... typically, Bailey takes the "baby" (Sam) and Grace and Ike hang out together. THIS visit was the one that changed it all. The boys wrestled and the girls did each others hair. And BaileyRose read to Grace each night and they did crafts and fingernails and other various girl stuff......

Isaac says that Sam is his "Cousin Brother"....... I'm not really familiar with this term but.... whatever works!

They wrestled like this for most of the visit!

"Here, lemme tweak your nose..... that's better!"


My hair is getting longer! I can't decide if I wanna cut it or not? It's not long enough to put in a real ponytail yet but it is kind of a hassle to fix everyday!

Bailey Rose's Room Re-Do!

While BaileyRose and Isaac visited both sets of Grandparents in Kansas and then Oklahoma, we re-did Bailey's room for her as an early birthday gift! She was sooooo excited! Several of the girls from church came over and did "consultation" work so as to keep the "vibe groovy, man".

Our dear friend Steph, worked all day on the desk! Bailey loved it!