Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out Part Two!

Saturday morning Bailey Rose and I hopped up and took off on a Girl Scout trip! Bailey Rose, another scout and I headed out for Toltec Mounds in Lonoke near Little Rock. So cool and so fun! These mounds and the civilization that built them existed in prehistoric times. Cool, right? This was a council sponsored event so we got to meet up with other Girl Scouts. After the tour we ate lunch and came home. For the rest of the day we did a little shopping and just hung out together. That evening, I gave Rosie a pedicure (she is super ticklish on her feet!). As she was getting her toes painted she drifted off to sleep, sweet little girl. I had so much fun just being with her and enjoying her all by herself. She is so funny and says some of the most curious things! Where does an eight year old come UP with this stuff?
The next morning, the boys were due home. Bailey Rose and I were headed off to church and to teach Sunday School and we got a call from Michael. "Guess who is sick now?" Michael said. Poor thing. He traveled home (a 5 hour trip that ended up taking 7 hours) with various "necessary stops" regarding his sickness. He made it home and went straight to bed. We were glad to have our boys home, sick or otherwise. Another adventure on the Penderosa!

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Astrid said...

Hi Emily!

It's great to hear from you again! I can't wait to check out your blog...

Happy Autumn! :)