Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Brother

Poor Baby Brother Ike is under the weather. He even had to miss a flag football game yesterday! So this morning when I told him that he wouldn't be going to school he was soooo sad! He said, "It's not raining and I will miss out on all my recesses!" He has been running a low grade temp since Saturday afternoon (between 102-99). The very best thing about all of his "puniness" is that he has been Super cuddly! Yummo! I love me some blonde headed snugly Baby Boy! Our "regular" dr that we found not long after we moved here has since moved and- Thank you Jesus!- we have not had cause to find another doctor since then because we have all been so healthy! Well, 'tis the season for snot noses so off we go to find someone new to poke and prod us. Michael is off on business so I am a single mom for a while. I continue to see blessing piled on my house each day. Here are only a few:

>When my babies are sick, I don't have to choose where I will be! My priority lies with them at that moment and I can give myself fully to them without guilt or financial strain! Thank you Father! And thank you Michael!

>We haven't had to go to the dr in MONTHS!!! I mean MONTHS!!!! Can I get an Amen? My children, namely BaileyRose, have been challenged with health issues in the past but gosh! Talk about healing! A snot nose is almost welcome!

>We have put back monies to pay for dr bills and medical supplies. It is always fun to keep that money back but this is where it is meant to be used.

>I have a warm house to keep my children in and help them get better.

Okay, I will stop here but please know that the blessings certainly do not. God is so amazing to watch and behold. Each day I ask to have His blessings on my life revealed so that I can Know Him more. Let me tell you, He Always delivers. Have a day full of awareness that your Heavenly Father is blessing you in big ways and small.

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