Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hide and seek...

Do you see them? How many can you find?

Church Volunteer Retreat

The last weekend before school started we attended a retreat for volunteers at our church.
When we were going back to our cabin it began to rain..... this explains the goggles!
Boys who would rather be outside.... never fear, they received food soon after this photo was snapped!

So, as the girls were going back to their cabin to get their flashlights (on the 4 wheeler), it began to rain..... I am guessin the goggles acted as some kind of windshield........yeah, let's go with that.....

The Farris Family Visit

The girls really bonded this visit.... typically, Bailey takes the "baby" (Sam) and Grace and Ike hang out together. THIS visit was the one that changed it all. The boys wrestled and the girls did each others hair. And BaileyRose read to Grace each night and they did crafts and fingernails and other various girl stuff......

Isaac says that Sam is his "Cousin Brother"....... I'm not really familiar with this term but.... whatever works!

They wrestled like this for most of the visit!

"Here, lemme tweak your nose..... that's better!"


My hair is getting longer! I can't decide if I wanna cut it or not? It's not long enough to put in a real ponytail yet but it is kind of a hassle to fix everyday!

Bailey Rose's Room Re-Do!

While BaileyRose and Isaac visited both sets of Grandparents in Kansas and then Oklahoma, we re-did Bailey's room for her as an early birthday gift! She was sooooo excited! Several of the girls from church came over and did "consultation" work so as to keep the "vibe groovy, man".

Our dear friend Steph, worked all day on the desk! Bailey loved it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have a new blog featuring my cake designs! Check it out!

Monday, June 7, 2010

New cakes and Zoo creatures....

This cake was for a pastor that is turning 40....He loves Starbucks and doughnuts and this is what we came up with!

This "cake doughnut" is actually 2 ten inch rounds.... glazed in melted buttercream and topped with dark chocolate fondant (my new fav!).
The napkin and the "sweetener" packet are in fondant. The coffee cup was also cake. The base of the cake (the "table") is a double sheet in buttercream covered in chocolate fondant. This was a HEAVY cake! You may not be able to understand the size but this cake will feed 100.... did I mention it was HEAVY?!!!!?

The Falcon's last game of the season....lemme tell ya, spring ball is a LOT sweatier (is that a word?) than fall ball! Whew!

Isaac and Coach Dewayne....

For Isaac's end of the year Luau..... I will try to get a pic/video of him doing the "Hookie Lau".....

Everything is edible but the umberella pole!

On Memorial Day we went to the zoo.... it was pretty hot and they had the misters on! The kids LOVED them! We needa get one of these at our house!

Riding the train.... classic scene at our house..... BaileyRose is excited about something and Ike is lookin' at her like she is crazy!

Isaac made this shirt with his GrandTone.... we tried to convince him NOT to put his name on his shirt (safety reasons and all that boring stuff). At one point, GrandTone mentioned that if he wrote only his name on his shirt that he would not be able to pass it on to his (much beloved) cousin, Sam. This was Isaac's solution to THAT dilemia....... gotta love a man with a mind....

Our blonde beauty riding the carosel....

This cake was for a little gal that was turning 90 and was an avid golfer! This was such fun to do and I learned a lot about golf equipment (thanks Rae Rae!) !

I didn't have a pic of what she looked like so I had to come up with this figure from a verbal description..... the "sand" is graham cracker/raw sugar. I FINALLY got to buy those chocolate rocks! Everytime I see them I wish I had a reason to buy them! This was a full sheet in buttercream and fondant....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easter egg hunt (And more cakes!)

Boy baby shower... copied from the invitations.

My handsome man at his school Easter egg hunt.

"Look Mom! It's a cool dinasour one!"

For a going away/birthday party... buttercream finish with gumpaste flowers and bow.

More Catch up (Not the kind you eat with fries!)

Ok, this one is out of order.... BaileyRose's class attended the Arkansas Travelers baseball game and I got to go along! I thought I would sit with the rest of the chaperones but she actually asked me to sit with her! What a treat! We had a big day! That girl gets more and more fun!

This is a Tinkerbell themed cake for a little gal up in the northern part of Arkansas. All edible except for the topper.... given to me by the client (It's a top to a bubble bath!)

All buttercream... this is a 2 layer 10in cake.

Designed by the birthday girl herself... this was for a 16 year old (groovy) girl! The bottom is actually purple but it came out blue on the picture.

Little man trying to fill a big man's shoes..... ready for a flag football game! This little dude is FAST and bad! He is always good for at least 2 toughdowns a game..... ok, I am a little bit of a proud momma.

For a boy baby shower... these are my first cowboy boots (Fat Babies is the style of boots I'm told).

At the Arkansas Travelers game! Go boys go!

Isaac's birthday cake.... this was fitted together like a puzzle! Fun but quite time consuming!

My Brownie... but not for much longer! We have our bridging ceremony at the end of May!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What? A Post? Could it BE!!!?

We are ALL busy so I can't really use THAT reason for my lacking posts.... But here is a new post (finally!) that will mostly be pictures-

Ike's 7th birthday was April 29th..... not sure HOW my baby turned seven but it came and went in a blur. His legs have outgrown his old bike and it was time for a new one. Mike had the final word on this... he said the pegs on either side of the wheels were a MUST for "trick riding" (aka: things that make a momma very nervous).
THIS is what has been keeping me so busy! Happy but busy! This cake (buttercream finish and fondant and gumpaste accents over Butter Pecan cake) was for a "Blast Off" party held right before Space Camp.

Baby shower cake.... at the client's request I added a sleeping baby as a topper. Kinda made me pause... an edible baby seems strange.

This was made for the kid's school secretary who is leaving to pursue a career in the medical field. They were having a going away party and asked me for a cake.

Field day at Northside! I didn't get any of Isaac's field day.... dead batteries! But here is BaileyRose in all her glory!

"Balloon Volleyball".... was this in the summer games? I can't remember....

25 yard dash... she came in second. Legs, legs and more legs!

Baby shower cake for a boy.... this traveled to Russelville (about 1 and 1/2 away) so this dude was built to last! All kinds of unseen support! It arrived safely after being picked up by the client and was somewhat "tested" by a curious 5 year old.

This one is for an 11 year old boy's birthday. I had an up-close model for this one.... an XBox controller. The console is next......

The console... triple chocolate sour cream cake with buttercream covered in fondant....
There are also some cupcakes that went with this order but for some reason they didn't upload... I'll try again later.

Our bowling beauty....end of the season for BaileyRose's league. This was an award for "All Star Attitude". She had a great time bowling and learned a lot! We will be ready for more in the fall!

Baby shower for a late in life baby girl- Elizabeth Joy. I did a personal table cake and then double colored cupcakes. The inspiration came from the baby bedding.