Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Projects

I am trying to keep busy. It is not so hard. It IS kinda messy. So here is the plan. I am finishing up a shipment of bows, assembling my Christmas cards and cleaning out that little space beside my fridge. That last one takes some doin', lemme tell ya. That's tonight. Today, I walked three miles, took a friend to the airport, did some shopping at Michael's (they have Crikut stuff on sale!), came home and did up the rest of the laundry, returned emails (Girl Scouts, Life Groups, BaileyRose's teacher), picked up a friend's little boy that I watched this afternoon/evening (The airport friend's child), picked up my Own children, made crescent rolls for teacher's treat at school, helped with homework and made dinner for various children that were around my house (some I gave birth to, some I did not...). Bills got paid and movies got returned. Tomorrow I plan to make LOTS of cookies for my hubby and his buddies in TX and for the WatchDog dad meeting at school. It helps to stay busy at night so that I don't hear the quiet. My mom says I have always been pitiful whenever I don't have friends to play with but really it's that one voice I don't hear. Being sad is not something I am familiar with and I am not so good at it so I am gonna try something else. I DID hear from Michael a little tonight. He loaded trucks all day and is tired. The power is slowly coming back on here and there. Even people in Ohio were affected by this storm. Michael said they had some guys contracted out of Ohio and they are still cleaning up the mess there. Far out.
So tomorrow will be one day closer to Michael being home. We will probably strangle one another when we have to learn to live together again! HA! It's a risk I am willing to take. Good Night.

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Beth said...

Hey, Emily! When Ray's traveling, I always catch up on the chick flicks that I kinda wanted to see, but not badly enough to drag Ray to the theater to see them with me. That fills up those too-quiet evening hours a little. I hope you have your little family back under the same roof very soon!