Saturday, January 31, 2009

No more of that thank you very much.....

So, at midnight on Wednesday, Isaac comes into our room, holding his throat and gags out the words, "Mom, I can't feel good." The gagging becomes coughing and then turns into a trip to the potty and he almost makes it to the toilet. Almost. Flash forward to the Dr ofc where Isaac gets a shot in the hiney for a robust case of strep. He feels better in less than 6 hours. Yeah! Everything is back to normal craziness. Except for Michael in Full storm repsonse because of the ice storm. He has worked his day off and Sat. Poor guy. This put a minor kink in my life as I had left many things for the LG Rally unfinished, to be completed by Michael and me on his day off. Hmmmmm..... Someone does not want this rally to happen.... Who could it be? Hmmmmm? Whooooo could it be???? (If you are a child of the eighties you can finish this monologue yourself!)
This morning we are up at the church getting ready for the Life Group Rally and Bailey Rose comes to me and say, "Mom, my tummy doesn't feel so great." Greeeeaaaattt. Boy did I start to work fast. I tell ya, that little gal is a trooper. She cuddled up on the couch at the church with an ice cream bucket in her lap and waited til it was time to leave. Just before we left, Bailey Rose left a "deposit" in the ladies bathroom (In the toilet thank you very much!). When we tried to flush it, nothing happened. It just so happens that the men working on the plumbing (of said church) accidentally broke the water main. The toilet remains unflushed. Ick.
Now we are at home. The Sat service rally went off without a hitch and we have two more on Sunday am. Then the training luncheon and we are home free. Life Groups are always sooooo much more fun after they are up and running. I love that part.
I have to give a shout out to all my girls who came through for us at the last minute. Christy and Michelle- you rock! I could not have done it without you guys! Renee` and Brandi and Kim- I love you so! I have the best pals in the world!
Bailey Rose was fussing for a saltine before she went to sleep tonight. We prayed for a miraculous healing and by golly, I do believe we got it! Thank you Jesus! A call into the DR says to leave well enough alone. Baby Girl is not running a temp nor does she have that weird "Strep Breath" so we are chalkin it up to a bad case of the stomach yuckies. I am off to play Tetris and then..... Goodnight!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miracle on Elk Bear Street

Really, this is a story of a Miracle. A little background- over Christmas break, my Mom and Sister corner me and say (in front of Bailey Rose), "We think it is time for a hamster!" Grreeeaaat. So, Bailey Rose has some Christmas money and works odd jobs for me and GrandTone and in a matter of a couple of weeks, she has enough money to purchase a cage, bedding and food- TaDa! You buy all that, you get the hamster for free! The random hamster becomes "Buddy" and Bailey Rose is in Love. I must admit, Buddy is very sweet and gentle and never once offers to even nibble. Three days into his life at the Penderosa, Buddy is happily rolling along in his little hamster ball and cruises into the kitchen. Our kitchen floor is tile and apparently the bumps between tile knocked off the lid to the ball. YES!!!! It knocked OFF the lid. Now, Buddy is not the only pet in our home. We have two geriatric cats (they could care less that there is a mouse in the house) and we have an equally geriatric Dauchsund. She, on the other hand, is Very interested in Buddy. And when I say interested I mean that she thinks he would be lovely with a side of brown rice and maybe some ketsup. Anyway, you know how this story goes, right? The dog walks into the kitchen, sees the hamster and........ Michael walks into the kitchen shortly after and sees Buddy, lying on his side, wet with Dauchsund drool and going toward the Light. Michael starts to react with something along the lines of , "OH NO! OH NO!" Now I run to the kitchen and Michael holds BaileyRose off to the side. By this time, Bailey Rose has figured out what all the shouting is about and she starts to cry. I go and pick up the dead hamster and begin looking for the fatal wound.
Holy Hamster! He starts moving his little hamster legs and blinking his little hamster eyes! He is Alive! I tell you what- we immediately prayed for that rodent. Per Bailey Rose's request. If you've never laid hands on a hamster before, it is quite an experience.

After much ado, a night spent in the recovery ward (also known as mine and Michael's bathroom) and some tape on the top of the hamster ball, Buddy is alive and well.

Horrible as this was, it was a great teachable moment on the Love that Michael and I have for Bailey Rose and for the Love that Christ has for us. Bailey Rose felt, first hand, what true love felt like. She glimpsed our love for her and even more importantly, Christ's love for all of us. We pointed out that as much as she loved this little hamster, how much more does Jesus care for us?

Think Christ doesn't work miracles anymore? Folks, come pay us a visit- we have one in a cage!

Saturday at the Penderosa

Ok, I have been tying bows for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS now and my little hands are beggin' for mercy! I plan to finish a big batch tomorrow and then spend the rest of the week focused on the Life Group Rally. We went shopping (Michael and I) this am and left the children with a friend (Thank you sooooo much Christy!). We got almost everything we need for the Rally. I am excited as to how this will look when all is completed. I grabbed a quick nap before Saturday service. I teach the 3/4 yr old class and we are having lots of fun. We studied the story of "King Josiah". Do you know that one? I had not ever heard it! Huh- go figure. I am off to play my customary game of Tetris before bed. Good night all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Baaacccckkkkk!

Well, I have been soooo delinquent in posting! I am so sorry! (We have had wireless card issues and I am tied to a land line!) Our Christmas season was so wonderful! We traveled to my sister's home in Kansas City, MO. Man! Is it COLD up there! We had a beautiful white Christmas and a too short visit. The great thing about going to Kathryn's house for Christmas is that my Sweet Mother-In-Law and brother-in-law live two hours south of KC. We stopped in, had Christmas eve morning with them and then headed up to see the Bailey side of the fam. While the company was warm, the weather WAS NOT! I was very happy to see the Arkansas state line and temperatures in the double digits!

Everyone is back to school (thank you Lord for public schools!) I have been doing some subbing and keeping busy with my bows. We are also in the process of planning our churches Life Group Rally. This is a big event that happens every 6 mths. We are Life Group Coordinators for our church. The congregation is growing at a Rapid pace and we are scrambling to keep up! The Rally is always big fun but I will be glad when it is over!

I am off to bed! More tommorrow! I promise!