Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is for you Astrid!

Well, my sweet Friend Astrid.... this one is for you! I know that you are a fellow Scrapper so you will appreciate this! My Momma and I went for a scrapbooking weekend retreat at a nearby Lutheran Church Camp! Yes! No children and all of our scrapbook stuff! LOVE IT! Momma and I sat across from one another all weekend and scrapped and talked and laughed and drank coffee and borrowed scrap tools and admired one another's pages and drank more coffee. What a glorious time! And then, when we just couldn't scrap anymore we went back to our own private cabin (we had a cabin all to ourselves 'cuz Momma brought the Boys) and slept Uninterrupted sleep with Delicious Collies. The next morning, we did it all AGAIN!!! We had wonderful food (Thank you Sweet Chris) and drank our weight in coffee. I got 18 pages done! Yeah! I haven't scrapped in a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG time and this really inspired me to get going again. It was also fun to see other ideas and hear family stories from scrappers at the next table over. However, I must say that the Best Part of the weekend was time, in the middle of God's glory, spent with my Best Buddy who also happens to be the same woman that gave birth to me. I love you Momma- can't wait to do it again!