Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lock In Aftermath!

Isaac went to his first ever lock-in last night at our church. Apparently the boys room went to bed kinda late..... I know, shocking-right? Ha! I had to MAKE him lie down. See, he wasn't tired. That was 2 hours before these pictures were taken. Love you, Ikey!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School Bootcamp

So, I have been experimenting with "food painting"....... don't worry, it's all edible. This cake is for our churches Back to School Bootcamp Lock-In. Hence, the boot! Ha!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Baby Cake!

This was a cake that I did for a dear friend of mine who is having her second child but her first girl! Very soon the world will be graced by Miss Elizabeth Abney Sawyer! Kinda hard to tell here (I am just glad Steph got a pic! I forgot!) but this is a 4 layer French Vanilla cake with hot pink/spring green/white fondant with light pink piping between the flowers. If you click on the picture, you can get more detail. Super fun to do- even though I was quite sleep deprived after a week at church camp. Love you Sawyers! Can't wait to meet you, Baby Elizabeth!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Invites....

This one is really for Bailey Rose...... while she is away in Kansas with Grandma Sheila and Uncle Matt, I made up her birthday invitations for her spa themed birthday party. Michael and I were in Blytheville, AR (Michael had a work trip and I tagged along) and I found a kit to make these pretty butterfly cards. SO, here ya go Brp! Whadaya think? Not sure if you can tell, but these butterflies are coated in glitter. I love you!

Where Jesus Goes to Camp!

Let's go HOME!!!! Cute, little stinkin' kids... sweethearts..... everyone of 'em!
She had just come off the go-karts where she had a near miss driving experience- hence the scared expression... drives like her momma! Ha!

Can you see her? Our super duper children's pastor, Miss Stephanie, went with her! She had a great time!

Her first time down the waterslide.... she wasn't quite sure about it at first but after she went down the first time she was hooked!
Bailey Rose's bunk!
We just got back from church camp at "Dry Gulch USA" (near Pryor, OK). Our church took 32 kiddos (minus Ike... he spent the week with Grandtone and Grandpa Trumpet.. next year he gets to go) Lemme tell you, this is the place to be! We had a BLAST!!!! They had go-karts, bumper cars, horseback riding, a water park, bouncy, inflatables things, lake activities (with jet skies, a "Wet Willy" water slide, a banana boat), canoes, a trampoline over the water (called the "Blob"), a carousel..... that is all I can think of right now. But the best part was the incredible Chapel time we had in the morning and evening. A rockin' praise team, captivating speakers and a little humor mixed in for good measure. The kids experienced God in a very real and beautiful way. We are already making plans to go again next year! I always post pictures backwards so please forgive me and view these from the bottom up. I have LOTS more pics but these were some of my favorites!