Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Husband... the Shopper and Fashionista

So Michael got to come home for a little over 36 hours. He is still working the hurricane in TX. When he got to come home early on Sunday, we were Tickled!!!! During the day on Tuesday, we dropped the kids at school, came home and got ready for the day (details censored) and then went shopping!!!! Yes! I said Shopping! How great is THAT!?! My husband is home, has a day off and took me shopping! Glory Hallelujah! We went to Target, where he helped me pick out a dress. Then off to Toys R Us to purchase a Speed Racer Halloween costume (for Ike) and then down to the River Market! This is SO MUCH FUN! When you come to visit I will take you. We bought fresh veggies (Michael's favorite) and then walked all the way down Main Street to the Community Bakery. We had lunch there and it was delicious! I had a grilled veggie panini and Michael had a bread bowl of veggie soup. Aren't we Metropolitian? The walk was well over a mile so we treated ourselves to some snacks from the dessert case. Of all the things I could choose from, I got a snickerdoodle- my favorite! Then we walked back to the car and stopped by a little equal trade store and I got a rockin pair of earrings. 10$ bucks! Michael had to leave again this am but our little and precious time together on his short stay home was so fun. We are all learning to cherish our family much more through all this. God teaches us at the funniest times, doesn't He? Off to grab the kids from school! Have a great day!

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