Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally! Spa Birthday party pictures!

This year BaileyRose's birthday party was a spa theme. With the amazing help of some priceless girls from our church, everyone received a pedicure and manicure, made a necklace, customized lip gloss and scented soap! Somewhere in there, the girls ate cake.... everyone got their own cake and watched the new "Hannah Montana" movie. Around midnight, everyone settled down and went to sleep. In the morning we sent them off with muffins and smoothies.


Beth said...

Oh, my goodness. I'll bet that's a birthday party those girlies will never forget. A cake for every person?! And what nifty party favors and activities. We are DEFINITELY eyeballing your ideas on account of an 8th birthday that's coming up in about a month around here.

Astrid said...

I want a party like that for me!!! What a sweet party for girls!