Sunday, November 8, 2009

A cake that will "bowl" you over~

Bailey Rose has joined a Saturday morning bowling league and has actually gotten quite good! This was her second time to bowl and she had a blast! She wants you to know that she uses an 8 lb ball..... apparently that is a big deal.... not sure why, it just is (at least to a nine year old!).

I got a new kit that makes fondant roses. I love it! (Can you tell! Ha!)

This was a three tiered soft pink cake in fondant. The roses are fondant and the ribbon is fabric. This was for a baby shower and the theme was inspired by the nursery bedding. The "E" was in gumpaste.


Stephanie said...

Hey! Here they are:

Family blog:

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Toni said...

Great cake, Em!!! Didja use yer new mixer?!!! Love the shots of BRP in her bowling class. I thought it was a pic of YOU at first...:-) xoxo