Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!???

"Hey guys! Good game! High five!"
Paying close attention!

Takin' a break!

Down, Set!

Isaac- ready for the hand off!

Focus! Focus!

Ike had his first flag football game of the season! He did GREAT!!!!! He has played for the last two years. This year, he is really understanding what the game is all about...... positions, plays- all that football stuff. He scored one touchdown, got an extra point and pulled a flag. Best of all, he hustled during the entire game and really gave it his all! Can you tell I am a proud football momma!?! I came home a little hoarse from screaming and yelling so much! BTW, his team is the Patriots so if you have anything royal blue with the Patriots logo laying around the house, send it my way! Next weekend, I planned to be all decked out in football fan garb! Woo Hoo! Go team go!


Toni said...

What is that in his mouth???

"TOUGHdown"???? :-)

(Young Frankenstein)

Emily P said...

That is a mouthpiece in his mouth! You gotta be safe! And I fixed the typo, BTW! However, he is pretty tough!