Friday, October 9, 2009

More Cake Fun!

A friend of ours wanted a cake for his wife's birthday. They have a cabin on the Little Red River and this the cake version! I had to bake and decorate the cake all on the same day.... not ideal circumstances- especially when the cake is weighted down with heavy fondant. I learned A LOT about cake carving. Can't wait to do another "carving"! Happy day Mrs Ann! We love you!

This cake was for a young lady on her 15th birthday. A friend of mine connected me with her sis-in-law who wanted a cake for her daughter's birthday party. I have to say this was one of the MOST fun cakes I have done! And, I used a new buttercream icing recipe under the fondant..... OH MY GOODNESS! Even a sugar Nazi like me had to eat up a BIG OLE glob of that icing! I mean, anything for quality control, right? I didn't want to send off a yucky tasting cake! Ha!


Beth said...

Emily, I am just floored! These are astonishing cake creations. I'll bet the people who receive them almost can't make themselves cut into them, because of wrecking a masterpiece.

Margaret said...

Do you make these cakes professionally, Emily? They are really spectacular!

granolachic said...

you are so very talented! wondering if you can pull that off gfcfsf and egg free...LOL...if so...i'm thinking you could make a KILLING!

i also wanted to thank you for being so fantastically full of love and a constant source of encouragement!

God in you ROCKS!

Debbie T said...

Your cakes are getting more and more amazing!

Miss you,