Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Red River Trip and the First Fish!

Last Saturday we went to our friends cabin on the Little Red River in Pangong, AR. I am continually surprised by the beauty of Arkansas. The Little Red River is one of the MOST beautiful places on God's green earth. The weather was perfect (literally 72 degrees) with a cool breeze on the river. Not long after we arrived, the kids and Michael began pulling the most colorful rainbow trout out of the river. AND..... Isaac caught his very first fish! Miss Ann and I were visiting in their super cute cabin and suddenly Isaac appeared and was shouting and jumping up and down and saying, "I caught my first first fish! I caught my first fish! I did really, really!" The kids also enjoyed the boat rides (hosted by Mr Billy)- the faster the better! And Mr Billy was happy to oblige! We ate a wonderful dinner with lovely company. We headed home later on that evening and the kids were totally zonked! We will be back to visit Billy and Ann anytime they invite us!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Secret Keeper Girl Date

BaileyRose and I have been doing a bible study called, "Secret Keeper Girls: The Power of True Beauty and Modesty". It is a really great study and I think we will continue even after the official study is closed. (There is another study set concerning friendships and relationships). Our date this time was to visit an art gallery and look for pieces of art the included women. Then we discussed what significance the women had and why the artist used them in the piece of art. We had a super time. My girl is growing up so fast! I hear people say that all the time in regards to their kids but, gosh! This is really fast! I am glad that we are spending this time together. Our next date is to go to a vintage shop. Twist my arm! Not sure what the lesson is on this date. Haven't read that far ahead. I, for one, am really looking forward to this particular date. It is right up my alley!

My Fav Lunch (or Dinner!)

Okay, this posted backwards for some reason. This is my all time favorite meal, so I thought I would share. Can you tell that I am going a little picture crazy now that I am back in computer world!? Here is the dish: zuchinni and mushrooms and soy meat. Cook everything up and serve on 4 toasted corn tortillas that have been topped with light (not fat free-yuck!) sour cream and shredded cabbage. Veggie mix goes on top of all that. YUMMO!

Another Cake...

So, here is the next experiment with cake fun. This one was for a friend of BaileyRose's who was turning 11. The "A" is for Annalise. She loves zebra print so I made sure to include that in the design.

Let them eat cake!

This is my first attempt with fondant. We had a personal shower for a friend of mine who will be getting married in August. It is kinda hard to tell by the picture but this is a yellow cake with chocolate icing and a "Couple in Bed" fondant cake topper. She is using daisies in her wedding flowers so I added the petals under the bed to keep with the theme. The little bed has a fitted sheet, a dust ruffle and one little green pillow for the couple to snuggle on! I have since experimented with homemade fondant on another cake. I will post that pic soon. I have been making cakes for anyone that will let me in preparation for BaileyRose's birthday cake (Her birthday is in August). We wanna do something really fun and elaborate for her cake so I need all the practice I can get! Next in line is a baby shower for my great friend Amy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing our newest family member......

It's here! It's here! Our new computer! I am soooooo excited! Hopefully I will be posting pics very soon! Our new 'puter is not too awful fancy but it does what we need it to do and fast! Of course, big as they are and small as the box is, the kids are playing in the box that the compter came in. Wonder what I should do with their room FULL of toys, books and educational kits? HA! Replace them with lots of boxes, huh? So glad to be back in the world of blog!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well, I haven't blogged in..... forever! The biggest reason for my "blogger absence" is that my computer has depression issues and may not make it. If the 'puter does survive (a big DOES) then the kids will inherit it. In the meantime, we ordered (drumroll please!) a new computer! Yippee! It won't be delivered for about a week and I am wondering how I will survive. What a test this will be! Right now I am blogging on Michael's laptop but he is leaving for a week (work trip) and I will be computerless (is that a word?). I can check email and such at the church computer so I am guessing I will live.

Now I will try and catch up on little things we have done this summer:

VBS- I became the director by default and my husband became "Skeeter". If you attend the "Crocodile Dock" themed VBS then you will know who this character is. Pictures to follow when the new 'puter arrives. We had a great week and the kids learned a ton! We are already planning next year's VBS.

Homeschooling- The kids have been keeping up about 2-4 hours a day of home school. They actually LIKE it! We have taken "vacation" days when GrandTone and GrandPa came to visit. I love the flexibility of homeschooling. We finished reading "James and the Giant Peach" and have started "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane". Kate DiCamillo also wrote "The Tale of Desperaux". I think this book is actually better than "Desperaux".

Traveling- We have traveled with Michael on two different work trips. The kids love this! They think that a hotel is about as much fun as any one person can have. (How cool is it to have a fridge RIGHT in front of your bed!?!?) Also, they LIVE at the pool while we wait for Michael to finish his work day.

Bible Study- I am continuing my Thursday Bible study through the summer. We are focusing on prayer, worship and spiritual warfare. Bailey Rose and I are also doing a SUPER fun momma/daughter bible study on Wednesday nights called "Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of True Beauty and Modesty". It is lots of fun and has really taught me alot about my up and coming "Tweener". If you have a gal between the ages of 8-12 I highly recommend this study. They also have a series for teens. I haven't seen it but I am sure it is just as good.

Exercise: We have joined a gym and I am back at the exercise routine that I left in Kansas. It feels great. My Baby sister has talked me into running the half at the KC Marathon in October. I love a deadline and a goal so I am glad she suggested it. Course, now I have to talk my body into actually DOING it! I ran a little today and I feel my legs.... they are still there and I have full confidence that they will cooperate.

That's about it for now. It is the Fourth so we are off to cook out with some surrogate family members and watch the fireworks! God bless you all! I look forward to regular blogging and pics very soon! Happy Fourth of July!