Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let them eat cake!

This is my first attempt with fondant. We had a personal shower for a friend of mine who will be getting married in August. It is kinda hard to tell by the picture but this is a yellow cake with chocolate icing and a "Couple in Bed" fondant cake topper. She is using daisies in her wedding flowers so I added the petals under the bed to keep with the theme. The little bed has a fitted sheet, a dust ruffle and one little green pillow for the couple to snuggle on! I have since experimented with homemade fondant on another cake. I will post that pic soon. I have been making cakes for anyone that will let me in preparation for BaileyRose's birthday cake (Her birthday is in August). We wanna do something really fun and elaborate for her cake so I need all the practice I can get! Next in line is a baby shower for my great friend Amy.

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Astrid said...

OMG! That cake is too cute!