Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Red River Trip and the First Fish!

Last Saturday we went to our friends cabin on the Little Red River in Pangong, AR. I am continually surprised by the beauty of Arkansas. The Little Red River is one of the MOST beautiful places on God's green earth. The weather was perfect (literally 72 degrees) with a cool breeze on the river. Not long after we arrived, the kids and Michael began pulling the most colorful rainbow trout out of the river. AND..... Isaac caught his very first fish! Miss Ann and I were visiting in their super cute cabin and suddenly Isaac appeared and was shouting and jumping up and down and saying, "I caught my first first fish! I caught my first fish! I did really, really!" The kids also enjoyed the boat rides (hosted by Mr Billy)- the faster the better! And Mr Billy was happy to oblige! We ate a wonderful dinner with lovely company. We headed home later on that evening and the kids were totally zonked! We will be back to visit Billy and Ann anytime they invite us!

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Astrid said...

How exciting! His first ever fish! We keep promising Annika that we'll take her fishing and so far it hasn't happened.