Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Fav Lunch (or Dinner!)

Okay, this posted backwards for some reason. This is my all time favorite meal, so I thought I would share. Can you tell that I am going a little picture crazy now that I am back in computer world!? Here is the dish: zuchinni and mushrooms and soy meat. Cook everything up and serve on 4 toasted corn tortillas that have been topped with light (not fat free-yuck!) sour cream and shredded cabbage. Veggie mix goes on top of all that. YUMMO!


Astrid said...

Looks Yummy!

Ummm...what's soy meat???? Tofu (or as Ava calls it...tofood?)

Emily P said...

I say "soy meat". It is marketed as soy sausage. You could also use a veggie burger. I don't eat meat if I can help it. Tonight I ate a little of a chicken breast..... it was perfectly cooked and seasoned and not even dry but, yeah.... not so much. Tofo would be good here too. You can really top it with whatever you want (or have on hand). Tomorrow I am using the leftover veggie stir fry Michael made for lunch today.