Saturday, July 18, 2009

Secret Keeper Girl Date

BaileyRose and I have been doing a bible study called, "Secret Keeper Girls: The Power of True Beauty and Modesty". It is a really great study and I think we will continue even after the official study is closed. (There is another study set concerning friendships and relationships). Our date this time was to visit an art gallery and look for pieces of art the included women. Then we discussed what significance the women had and why the artist used them in the piece of art. We had a super time. My girl is growing up so fast! I hear people say that all the time in regards to their kids but, gosh! This is really fast! I am glad that we are spending this time together. Our next date is to go to a vintage shop. Twist my arm! Not sure what the lesson is on this date. Haven't read that far ahead. I, for one, am really looking forward to this particular date. It is right up my alley!

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Astrid said...

Now that sounds like a fun Bible study group!!!