Monday, May 17, 2010

What? A Post? Could it BE!!!?

We are ALL busy so I can't really use THAT reason for my lacking posts.... But here is a new post (finally!) that will mostly be pictures-

Ike's 7th birthday was April 29th..... not sure HOW my baby turned seven but it came and went in a blur. His legs have outgrown his old bike and it was time for a new one. Mike had the final word on this... he said the pegs on either side of the wheels were a MUST for "trick riding" (aka: things that make a momma very nervous).
THIS is what has been keeping me so busy! Happy but busy! This cake (buttercream finish and fondant and gumpaste accents over Butter Pecan cake) was for a "Blast Off" party held right before Space Camp.

Baby shower cake.... at the client's request I added a sleeping baby as a topper. Kinda made me pause... an edible baby seems strange.

This was made for the kid's school secretary who is leaving to pursue a career in the medical field. They were having a going away party and asked me for a cake.

Field day at Northside! I didn't get any of Isaac's field day.... dead batteries! But here is BaileyRose in all her glory!

"Balloon Volleyball".... was this in the summer games? I can't remember....

25 yard dash... she came in second. Legs, legs and more legs!

Baby shower cake for a boy.... this traveled to Russelville (about 1 and 1/2 away) so this dude was built to last! All kinds of unseen support! It arrived safely after being picked up by the client and was somewhat "tested" by a curious 5 year old.

This one is for an 11 year old boy's birthday. I had an up-close model for this one.... an XBox controller. The console is next......

The console... triple chocolate sour cream cake with buttercream covered in fondant....
There are also some cupcakes that went with this order but for some reason they didn't upload... I'll try again later.

Our bowling beauty....end of the season for BaileyRose's league. This was an award for "All Star Attitude". She had a great time bowling and learned a lot! We will be ready for more in the fall!

Baby shower for a late in life baby girl- Elizabeth Joy. I did a personal table cake and then double colored cupcakes. The inspiration came from the baby bedding.


Astrid said...

You HAVE been BUSY!!! Those cakes are absolutely stunning! You're super creative...and an amazing cake decorator. (among other things I'm sure!). Hmmm...pegs for tricks on bikes? Sounds scary!

Kathryn said...

I AM SO HAPPY! I have been WAITING to see this X-box cake! It looks like you could just TURN it on!!! Wow Dee, you outdid yourself of that one! And ummmm...who let your kids grow up so fast!? I barely recognize BRP...