Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Catch up (Not the kind you eat with fries!)

Ok, this one is out of order.... BaileyRose's class attended the Arkansas Travelers baseball game and I got to go along! I thought I would sit with the rest of the chaperones but she actually asked me to sit with her! What a treat! We had a big day! That girl gets more and more fun!

This is a Tinkerbell themed cake for a little gal up in the northern part of Arkansas. All edible except for the topper.... given to me by the client (It's a top to a bubble bath!)

All buttercream... this is a 2 layer 10in cake.

Designed by the birthday girl herself... this was for a 16 year old (groovy) girl! The bottom is actually purple but it came out blue on the picture.

Little man trying to fill a big man's shoes..... ready for a flag football game! This little dude is FAST and bad! He is always good for at least 2 toughdowns a game..... ok, I am a little bit of a proud momma.

For a boy baby shower... these are my first cowboy boots (Fat Babies is the style of boots I'm told).

At the Arkansas Travelers game! Go boys go!

Isaac's birthday cake.... this was fitted together like a puzzle! Fun but quite time consuming!

My Brownie... but not for much longer! We have our bridging ceremony at the end of May!


Astrid said...

Emily, you are truly AMAZING! :)

Margaret said...

Your cakes continue to blow my mind. And ... how many little boys do you know named Xander?