Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random happenings.....

A sculpture I did for a joint effort cake..... I didn't design it I was the manual labor on this one! This is "Super Caitlin"! Isn't she so cute! Did 24 of these for Isaac's class and the 100 day of school......
Did 24 of these for BaileyRose's class and the 100th day of school..... my first encounter with royal icing.

Baby Girl had a pretty good cough last week and was out right before we got all the snow. Sis had to sleep in the recliner a coupla nights to be comfortable. She's all better now!

Ike's car is number 3.... with the flames baby!

There might have cuter Boy Scouts at this year's Pine Wood Derby but I sure didn't see any.... Isaac and his Pack Leader.... so proud of his car!

This is what we came up with (thank you Family Fun!) for BaileyRose's Valentine box. They had a contest in 3rd grade and she came in second! A leash and wheels were later added so the cat was actually mobile.....

The kids finished their Valentine boxes during our WEEK of snow days!!!!! I will have to take a pic to Isaac's finished truck.... it too had wheels so it could roll.

WHAT!!???? Really? IN ARKANSAS? Ughhh.....Snow snow and more snow!

Made this for Isaacs class for their Valentine's day party. Since I was making the cake, I got to choose the color and since Isaac can't do red dye..... ta da! Yellow heart! The white is royal icing... which I have recently figured out and LOVE!

Isaac and his table mate at the Valentine Day party.... hmmmmm ... not sure I like this picture.

This is a cake that I did for my sweet friend's 14 yo daughter. (Love you Lisa!) I did two sheet cakes with buttercream frosting and a set of heels and braclet on one and a purse and its "contents" spilled out on the other. Happy Day Katie!

I got some much needed help on this one. Can't really tell here but the purse opens and out spills an ipod, phone, compact, nail polish and lipstick. The purse was my contribution and the rest were results of some sweet friends!



Astrid said...

Emily, I'm in absolute AWE at your cake creations! They're downright beautiful and creative!

Holy DID get snow, didn't you? Yikes! I hope you all got to enjoy it.

Ms. Caitlin said...

You're so good at this cake-making business... Thanks for all your help last night with Zack's cake! You rock!

joe said...

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