Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So Cool!

I am soooo doing this! I could make bags til they come out my ears! Check out this site for knitting a bag from old "Walmart" bags. You can crochet the bag too.


And BTW, they call it "plarn" not yarn.... get it? PLASTIC YARN???? Ha!


Toni said...

Okay...so I WENT to the site w/the pictures (could NOT understand the instructions re how to cut the bags up....experiential learner, me), and didja SEEEE the picture of the videotape dress??? I am SO totally gonna try that one!!! Wonder how strong videotapes are??? xoxoxo Momma

Emily P said...

I made the bag and I will post better pics to cut the bags. I figured it out and I can do a better tutorial. The bag is so fun! I love showing it to people and seeing their reaction. Had a kid ask me to make him one (at church tonight).

Renee' said...

OK... so you are taking a bag (or bags?) Spending time and energy to make it into.... A BAG????? I don't get it...LOL!