Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Vacation pics! At last!

The end of a long and fun day at Hollywood Studios. The fireworks were so incredible! As you can see, everyone loved them!

We waited in line a LOOOONNNNNG time to see these mice and it was TOTALLY worth it! When you go, wait in line, no matter how long it takes.

This was the one purchase I insisted on. The kids each picked out their hats and we had their names stitched on them.

This was such a cool parade. The kids were able to dance in the street along with the characters! It was quite long and the best parade of all the parks.

A pic of me and (the second) cutest boy in the world. I love me some Ikey! Doesn't he look like little Michael here?

One of the first rides of our trip. This was "Toy Story" and this game was in 3-D. Very Cool! We even got wet at one point in the ride!

Here are a few pics from our first two days at Disney World vacation over spring break. I have lots more pictures and I am slowly looking through them and finding my favorites. More later!


Astrid said...

It looks like you had TONS of fun! Thanks for posting photos! I love those Minny & Mickey hats. They're too cute!

Beth said...

Looks like amazing fun. We hope to take our family there "one of these days" ... hopefully after Henry is old enough to appreciate it, but before Lily is TOO old. Great pictures, and you all look wonderful.