Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, I am finally posting something new! (I will look for your comment, Miss Stephanie) As many of you know, our sweet friends Mark and Renee` have recently adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia! Hello Jordan Berket and Kloe Bertu! I love you! While they were off running around in Africa, we got to hang out/take care of/feed/laugh/snuggle with the two VanDruff girls, Katie and Nikki (NikNak, Nick-o-lea-lee, Birdie Girl). Katie is 16 and Nik is 2. We had a ball! We even got to play dress up with Katie and get her ready for the prom! She is already a lovely young woman but,let me tell you, mascara and a good hairpiece can do Amazing things! Also, if you ever become bored with your children, if you ever feel like your life lacks a certain spark- do this- rent a two year old child. I FORGOT!!! My own children are six and eight and are pretty self sufficient. Two year old kids are high maintainance! And Nik is really pretty easy! She is fully potty trained and a generally happy and cheerful child. Bedtime and naps are not a problem for this kid but, gosh! Renee`, you are quite a woman! BaileyRose saved my life- Nikki loves her and will do anything for BaileyRose. BaileyRose is a born momma and filled the role quite easily. One more quick side note- Today I came home after picking the kids up from school and went to raise the miniblinds in the living room window and as I looked out I stared back into the eyes of a little puppy! There she set on our rocking chair on our front porch. We haven't figured out just what she is (breed that is- she is a girl dog) and we have a possible home lined up. Between the dog, contacting "dog rescue people", taking a custom bow order (poor lady, probably thought I was crazy!),several extra children and Girl Scouts meeting at our house, it was a very busy evening. Did I mention that we are on our 11th day of rain? I truly expected to see TWO dogs- a male and female- on our porch! (Get it, the animals came two by two...) More on the puppy later. God bless you all! Goodnight!
PS: I hope you feel better Stephanie! I love you girl!


Astrid said...

Wow Emily! You've been up to a LOT! That was very kind of you to watch your friends' girls. I can't imagine what it's like helping someone get ready for the prom. I'm guessing we've got a decade to go before we worry about that one! LOL!

Still holding out for photos of Disney World! :)

Renee' said...

very kind does not do it justice!! You are a most amazing friend... and a perfect example of God's grace (unmerited favor) to me.

Stephanie said...

Very imformative blog post emily, i give you two thumbs up.