Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Vacation pics! At last!

The end of a long and fun day at Hollywood Studios. The fireworks were so incredible! As you can see, everyone loved them!

We waited in line a LOOOONNNNNG time to see these mice and it was TOTALLY worth it! When you go, wait in line, no matter how long it takes.

This was the one purchase I insisted on. The kids each picked out their hats and we had their names stitched on them.

This was such a cool parade. The kids were able to dance in the street along with the characters! It was quite long and the best parade of all the parks.

A pic of me and (the second) cutest boy in the world. I love me some Ikey! Doesn't he look like little Michael here?

One of the first rides of our trip. This was "Toy Story" and this game was in 3-D. Very Cool! We even got wet at one point in the ride!

Here are a few pics from our first two days at Disney World vacation over spring break. I have lots more pictures and I am slowly looking through them and finding my favorites. More later!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Puppy

Well, the puppy is really 6 months old and is officially named "Trixie". The reason this dog ended up on MY porch is completely and totally my momma's fault. I absolutely blame her 100%. As a child growing up, we were always finding/nursing/placing in a new "forever" home, some kind of cat, dog, squirrel, bunny (those never fared well), hummingbird, litter of kittens. We (my sister and I ) served as her assistant- we ran to get the old washcloth or baby blanket, Epsom salts, tweezers, syringe, cotton balls, peroxide, newborn nurser or anything else Momma needed to fix our latest patient. We didn't really keep many of these animals. They just passed through on their way to their "forever" home. The little dog that arrived on our porch was finally classified as a French bulldog/Boston mix. She is soooo ugly she is cute! After three hours at the vet today, her new "Mommy" (not me, my friend, Christy) had quite a few medications to administer to her canine child. Trixie seemed to take it all stride. I think she knew that it was all for the greater good- all the poking and prodding and examination. She is great with children and very loyal. If we were in the market for a dog, she would still be at our house. I know she will be happy with Christy and her family. Trixie's new children are so in love with her. You may think you can avoid turning into your mother. Try anything you like, be anyone you want. Sooner or later you will do what I have done- give up. Go over to the "Momma Side" and embrace it. Really, it's not so bad.... Good night.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, I am finally posting something new! (I will look for your comment, Miss Stephanie) As many of you know, our sweet friends Mark and Renee` have recently adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia! Hello Jordan Berket and Kloe Bertu! I love you! While they were off running around in Africa, we got to hang out/take care of/feed/laugh/snuggle with the two VanDruff girls, Katie and Nikki (NikNak, Nick-o-lea-lee, Birdie Girl). Katie is 16 and Nik is 2. We had a ball! We even got to play dress up with Katie and get her ready for the prom! She is already a lovely young woman but,let me tell you, mascara and a good hairpiece can do Amazing things! Also, if you ever become bored with your children, if you ever feel like your life lacks a certain spark- do this- rent a two year old child. I FORGOT!!! My own children are six and eight and are pretty self sufficient. Two year old kids are high maintainance! And Nik is really pretty easy! She is fully potty trained and a generally happy and cheerful child. Bedtime and naps are not a problem for this kid but, gosh! Renee`, you are quite a woman! BaileyRose saved my life- Nikki loves her and will do anything for BaileyRose. BaileyRose is a born momma and filled the role quite easily. One more quick side note- Today I came home after picking the kids up from school and went to raise the miniblinds in the living room window and as I looked out I stared back into the eyes of a little puppy! There she set on our rocking chair on our front porch. We haven't figured out just what she is (breed that is- she is a girl dog) and we have a possible home lined up. Between the dog, contacting "dog rescue people", taking a custom bow order (poor lady, probably thought I was crazy!),several extra children and Girl Scouts meeting at our house, it was a very busy evening. Did I mention that we are on our 11th day of rain? I truly expected to see TWO dogs- a male and female- on our porch! (Get it, the animals came two by two...) More on the puppy later. God bless you all! Goodnight!
PS: I hope you feel better Stephanie! I love you girl!