Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday at the Penderosa

Ok, I have been tying bows for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS now and my little hands are beggin' for mercy! I plan to finish a big batch tomorrow and then spend the rest of the week focused on the Life Group Rally. We went shopping (Michael and I) this am and left the children with a friend (Thank you sooooo much Christy!). We got almost everything we need for the Rally. I am excited as to how this will look when all is completed. I grabbed a quick nap before Saturday service. I teach the 3/4 yr old class and we are having lots of fun. We studied the story of "King Josiah". Do you know that one? I had not ever heard it! Huh- go figure. I am off to play my customary game of Tetris before bed. Good night all!

1 comment:

Astrid said...

You crack me up! LOL!

THREE hours of bow making! Do you still have feeling in your fingers???

Have a happy Sunday!