Saturday, January 31, 2009

No more of that thank you very much.....

So, at midnight on Wednesday, Isaac comes into our room, holding his throat and gags out the words, "Mom, I can't feel good." The gagging becomes coughing and then turns into a trip to the potty and he almost makes it to the toilet. Almost. Flash forward to the Dr ofc where Isaac gets a shot in the hiney for a robust case of strep. He feels better in less than 6 hours. Yeah! Everything is back to normal craziness. Except for Michael in Full storm repsonse because of the ice storm. He has worked his day off and Sat. Poor guy. This put a minor kink in my life as I had left many things for the LG Rally unfinished, to be completed by Michael and me on his day off. Hmmmmm..... Someone does not want this rally to happen.... Who could it be? Hmmmmm? Whooooo could it be???? (If you are a child of the eighties you can finish this monologue yourself!)
This morning we are up at the church getting ready for the Life Group Rally and Bailey Rose comes to me and say, "Mom, my tummy doesn't feel so great." Greeeeaaaattt. Boy did I start to work fast. I tell ya, that little gal is a trooper. She cuddled up on the couch at the church with an ice cream bucket in her lap and waited til it was time to leave. Just before we left, Bailey Rose left a "deposit" in the ladies bathroom (In the toilet thank you very much!). When we tried to flush it, nothing happened. It just so happens that the men working on the plumbing (of said church) accidentally broke the water main. The toilet remains unflushed. Ick.
Now we are at home. The Sat service rally went off without a hitch and we have two more on Sunday am. Then the training luncheon and we are home free. Life Groups are always sooooo much more fun after they are up and running. I love that part.
I have to give a shout out to all my girls who came through for us at the last minute. Christy and Michelle- you rock! I could not have done it without you guys! Renee` and Brandi and Kim- I love you so! I have the best pals in the world!
Bailey Rose was fussing for a saltine before she went to sleep tonight. We prayed for a miraculous healing and by golly, I do believe we got it! Thank you Jesus! A call into the DR says to leave well enough alone. Baby Girl is not running a temp nor does she have that weird "Strep Breath" so we are chalkin it up to a bad case of the stomach yuckies. I am off to play Tetris and then..... Goodnight!


Astrid said...

It sounds like you had an eventful week!

Did you have any issues (power outages, etc) with the ice storm?

Hope you get to rest and sounds like you need it!

Astrid said...

Hi Emily...

Hoping for blog update! :)