Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Back!

Because of the beauty that is my Mother-In-Law, my Sweet Boy (my big boy, Michael) and I ran away together for a weekend to Hot Springs! While Grandma Sheila and Uncle Matt watched the Rugrats we were headin' for the hills. Hallelujah, it was wonderful! Now, I am a cheap date so we didn't stay in a fancy-schmancy B & B. Nonetheless, we both slept like rocks after each day of sight-seeing. I had never been to Hot Springs and was taken by the history (I had no idea!) and the naturally occuring HOT springs. Get it?! They really are hot and are just here and there around downtown Hot Springs. You can even drink it. We took two jugs of it home with us. Michael and I both took in a traditional hot mineral bath. We signed up for the Real Deal- just like they did in the "old" days. In a REAL bath house. When you go, you gotta do this! Not expensive at all ($26 per person) and took about an hour. I loved it and will certainly do it again. We also toured Hot Springs National Park (right in the middle of downtown Hot Springs), walked by the river, saw Al Capone's original gangster car (!),ate at an amazing meal at a place called Rolanda's and shopped local boutiques (including two groovy bead shops). We also talked and laughed and smiled and held hands. We took naps and more naps and played cards. I am happy and relieved to report that I am married to my Favorite Person in the World. At one point, as we were walking by the river looking for rocks (both of us like this past time) Michael tossed pebbles into the water. Now, I was raised around lots of girls (my poor Dad was sooo out numbered) and as a momma of a boy I am constantly trying to "figure men out". I asked Michael, "Why do little boys throw rocks into the river?" I mean, anytime Isaac is around water at all, he wants to throw something (usually a rock) into it. Michael leaned down, picked up another rock and calmly said, "Because it changes the river." Wow. I was amazed. Cool trip. Cool dude. Cool answer.
BTW, I don't have any pictures to post! We were having such a good time we didn't even think to take pics! HA! Next time maybe....

Monday, October 20, 2008

And the Award goes to.....

We are back from the dr and Isaac received the ear infection award AND a "touch of pnemonia" award! He is feeling better though. We got his medicine, some batteries for his V-Smile, Cars character noodle soup and Orange Juice. Life is good. Maybe back to school tomorrow or Wednesday. Get him on that prayer list you got and we'll use 'em.

Baby Brother

Poor Baby Brother Ike is under the weather. He even had to miss a flag football game yesterday! So this morning when I told him that he wouldn't be going to school he was soooo sad! He said, "It's not raining and I will miss out on all my recesses!" He has been running a low grade temp since Saturday afternoon (between 102-99). The very best thing about all of his "puniness" is that he has been Super cuddly! Yummo! I love me some blonde headed snugly Baby Boy! Our "regular" dr that we found not long after we moved here has since moved and- Thank you Jesus!- we have not had cause to find another doctor since then because we have all been so healthy! Well, 'tis the season for snot noses so off we go to find someone new to poke and prod us. Michael is off on business so I am a single mom for a while. I continue to see blessing piled on my house each day. Here are only a few:

>When my babies are sick, I don't have to choose where I will be! My priority lies with them at that moment and I can give myself fully to them without guilt or financial strain! Thank you Father! And thank you Michael!

>We haven't had to go to the dr in MONTHS!!! I mean MONTHS!!!! Can I get an Amen? My children, namely BaileyRose, have been challenged with health issues in the past but gosh! Talk about healing! A snot nose is almost welcome!

>We have put back monies to pay for dr bills and medical supplies. It is always fun to keep that money back but this is where it is meant to be used.

>I have a warm house to keep my children in and help them get better.

Okay, I will stop here but please know that the blessings certainly do not. God is so amazing to watch and behold. Each day I ask to have His blessings on my life revealed so that I can Know Him more. Let me tell you, He Always delivers. Have a day full of awareness that your Heavenly Father is blessing you in big ways and small.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

She got me too!

Okay, my super funny and rockin friend Renee' has "tagged" me. This means that I have to write 7 weird/random things about myself. I really don't think I am weird but here goes...
  1. My all time favorite food is baked corn tortillas (til they are nice and crispy). Not tortilla chips, just the little round tortillas (MiCasa brand are my favorite).
  2. I am a house cleaning zealot (I Swiffer AT LEAST once a day) but my Chrysler Town and Country is ummmmm, well not exactly tidy.
  3. I often have dreams concerning the construction of bows and good deals on ribbon. In my dreams I usually get these deals at a mind-blowing garage sale.
  4. I have a STRONG aversion to my husband's NASTY toenails. Really, these are BAD and had I closely inspected them BEFORE the marriage, they could have been a deal breaker.
  5. I have known said husband since I was 6 months old.
  6. I am 35 years old and I have never smoked a cigarette. Ever. Yuck.
  7. I refuse to kill spiders (in or out of the house) and will very often scoop them up with a cup and transport them to a more appropriate home.

See Renee'? I am really pretty normal! Are you disappointed? I know on the surface I SEEM strange but after reading my sister's list I am thinking I am actually the most normal one in the family. Hmmm, that almost makes me sad! HA! I love you crazy VanDruffs! God bless you and Good night!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today I am Thankful for...

  • My Momma coming to visit and being crazy and silly with my kiddos
  • Enough money to purchase a super cool Bible for my Hubby
  • A super cool Hubby that wanted a new Bible
  • Crisp fall evenings
  • a yummy dinner waiting for our family in the crock pot!!! Love me some crock pot!

That's my list for today.....


So I am posting to quiet my Baby Sister. She is a Blog-a-holic and she needs a fix. If you have a blog, please post and leave a link for her. It's not her fault; she is trapped in the house with a 3yr old and a newborn. Please blog to support her habit.
Today my Momma is coming to visit. Tomorrow is Grandparents day. If you know my Momma, then you know she doesn't really fit the "Grandparent" mold so it strikes me funny that she will be an Honoree at this event. Monday and Tuesday I subbed at the kid's school. Crazy! (Pray for 1st grade teachers) Yesterday I did not get a call and got to stay home and CLEAN!!!!! Yea!!!! I know, even I was amazed at how excited I was. When I mentioned my "homebound" situation to BaileyRose, she commented on GrandTone's visit. "Now you can clean for when GrandTone comes to visit." Nah, not really. GrandTone brings her own mess with her. But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning my home yesterday. God showed me what a joy being "just" a homemaker and SAHM truly is. And what an honor it is! Imagine that! Go figure! Shout out to the Big Man! I also switched out seasonal clothes for both children (Big Job!). So, GrandTone will be here today and we are very ready and very excited. She is bringing baby kitties. How fun is that? Okay, here is some more for ya Kat. My grocery list: Ovaltine, a new pillow, picture hangers, Cow Milk and Soy milk, tortillas, peanut butter, light bulbs, spray butter. I have Bible study in about 13 minutes so I better go smooth my curls. One more thang, go- today- and purchase the book, "The Shack". It will Change Your Life. I just finished it Tuesday. Amazing. Never have I heard the trinity explained so well. God loves us so much and He wants us to understand, as much as our human minds will allow, just How much He loves us. This Will redefine how you talk with Him. Really, go get it. Now. Stop reading. Get in the car...... Why are you still reading? GO! Carmel Corn......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today I am Thankful for...

  • My sweet husband who is back home from the hurricanes! For good! Yippee!
  • Cinnamon Altoids dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Two working vehicles
  • A sense of self worth from Great Parents, an amazing husband and a beautiful Heavenly Father-BTW, I am reading "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge if you can't tell! Every woman should read this book!
  • a HUGE garage sale in a neighboring subdivision that starts tomorrow at SEVEN AM!!!

That is my list for today.....

Go Get 'Em Boys!

Check out his mouthpiece! Stretch it out Boys!

Michael and I helped the coach keep everyone on the field.

So tonight Ike had his last practice before his first big game on Saturday! Now, I wasn't raised in a football family- my dad was a band director and our family was not especially fond of marching season. But may I tell you that Flag Football for 4 and 5 year olds is one of the cutest things I have had the pleasure of witnessing! These little guys are gung ho and playing ball! My little guy is, obviously, the cutest one on the team but don't take my word for it.... see for yourself.

(Down, Set, Hut!)