Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is Oscar.....

This is our newest family member..... his name is Oscar. He is a Chiwennie. I didn't make this up- that's what he is. He is half Chihuahua and half Dauchsund. Now, just ONE of either of these breeds is a very high maintainece, high strung little creature. When you MIX them- heaven help us! He is one of the most nervous animals I have ever met. His security level is always on high alert. Someone is always out to get him. Or me. Or one of the kids.

But, stressed out as he is I am not sure how we got along without him. He came to us via a friend of my momma's who rescued him from a family that was moving. When he came to our house, he was quite skinny and all the hair was rubbed off of his ears and tail. I wondered how he would respond to our "raw feeding" practice.... he is so little and skinny. Let me assure you, there is a bit of wolf in EVERY dog and he took to the raw with no problem! His fur also came in thick and shiny on both his tail and ears. He also gained some weight....not too much. Just enough to get rid of the "rat" look.

Oscar has also been great for our elderly dog, Anney. Oscar is 5 and Anney is almost 15. She is a standard Dauchsund and her best trick is sleeping. Since Oscar has joined our family, Anney has had occasions of frisky, playful behavior and has taken almost a motherly role toward Oscar. In a few situations she has even disciplined him. We were concerned how she would do with another dog in the house.... she can be a female dog (in every sense of the word!) but she has been nothing but a lady. And I believe that Oscar has helped her regain a bit of her youth.

You may notice in these pictures that he is RIGHT BESIDE me as I sit on the couch. He gets as CLOSE as he can and then buries his nose between my leg and the couch cushion. I'm not sure how he breathes. Apparently he does..... And while he is RIGHT NEXT to me, he makes these awful groaning sounds. Like he is in pain. When we first heard him make these sounds, we thought he was uncomfortable or hurting. After close examination we realized he is just full of drama.

We sure do love you Oscar Tequila.... we are so glad you came to live with us. Now, relax........

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