Sunday, March 22, 2009

MICKEY MOUSE!!!!! We're Here!

After two days of travel, we have arrived! Thank you Lord! Really, it wasn't too bad of a trip. With the miracle of portable DVD and Grandma's bag of tricks, we are finally here in Orlando! Saturday morning we all loaded up in the rental van and headed for Georgia. We got a bit of a late start because of a mix-up with the rental car people. Michael and Matt cleared that up and we were off! We arrived at "Anut Sherry's" and Uncle Don's house to a delicious meal of Famous Corn Chowder, sandwiches and amazing Pineapple Cobbler! YUM! We crashed all over that warm and cozy house and we were back out on the road a little before 7am. This day of travel seemed to go much faster and we rolled into Orlando at 4 pm. Thank you Jesus for safe travel! We saw several wrecks along the way and are so thankful to have had a safe journey. Our condo is beautiful! Michael found a real deal with this company. Everyone settled in and after some grocery shopping, Michael and I went for our 12th anniversary dinner. Twelve years and I must say that I still like that boy very, very much! Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom. The kids are so excited and don't really know what to expect. The surprise of it all will be the best part! More tomorrow! I might even try pictures!


Brooke said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

Astrid said...

Congrats on 12 years!

Have a blast! We want photos!!!!!

Debbie T said...

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL time! Get to New Smyrna Beach if you can. That's where we go for a week every summer - our favorite place in FL. About an hour from Orlando and just a little closer than Daytona and a LOT quieter! Enjoy your week!!!