Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving Note From Bailey Rose

Hi. This is Bailey Rose. i am at my grandmas house .For the week end .And thanksgiving.I am thankful for my family and jesus.I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!and guess what {for those who like crab legs}on Tuesday {wich is today.}we are going to eat crablegs. I LOVE CRAB LEGs!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful Thoughts

I am thankful for many things throughout the year. This time of year just makes me even more thankful than I usually am. God is sooooo good to me. My husband is truly the love of my life. AND beyond that, we really like each other! HA! I miss him when he goes away, I light up when he walks in the room and he is the first one I want to talk to when anything happens in my life. My children are more than I could ever imagine. Beautiful and hopeful, funny and healthy. What more could any woman ask for? This first year in Arkansas has certainly been interesting. It has not always been easy and we have learned to praise Him in every storm. Through our thankfulness we have learned God has (once again!) proved graceful and steadfast. There was a time I would have been wary that things were going "too good". Can you imagine? But that is just a lie. A rotten, stinkin' lie. "Everything in prayer and supplication". Anxiety is not part of the plan for my life. Even though it tends to creep in occasionally, I lean on the promise that we are never alone. And there is just one more thing I am thankful for. Gosh, will this list EVER stop!? God bless and good night!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fer Real, I'm So Sure....

So Friday night was Bunco night. Guess what the theme was? The more I started remembering about the 80's the more nauseous I got. Lemme tell ya- that is some BIG hair. Yes, the eyeshadow is blue and the dress and belt is vintage 80's from the local Goodwill. I think I scared the kids... (I am keeping the belt). Can anyone say seventh grade? Fer real, don't be a dweeb, I mean, as if......

I Don't Think She Has a Future at Hallmark...

This is a bit blurry but I HAD to share it with you. When Michael came home from Kansas with the stomach flu we kept Bailey Rose away from his "sick bed" so as to protect her from the "puke germs" (didn't work by the way...). Nonetheless, she was genuinely concerned about her Daddy's welfare. She broke out the scrapbook supplies and created a handmade card just for her Guy. He did recover and is feeling fine... just in time, too. Tuesday night Bailey Rose and I got a round of the stuff and spent most of the long weekend recouping. EVERYONE is better now! Thanks so much for all of those who offered up prayers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out Part Two!

Saturday morning Bailey Rose and I hopped up and took off on a Girl Scout trip! Bailey Rose, another scout and I headed out for Toltec Mounds in Lonoke near Little Rock. So cool and so fun! These mounds and the civilization that built them existed in prehistoric times. Cool, right? This was a council sponsored event so we got to meet up with other Girl Scouts. After the tour we ate lunch and came home. For the rest of the day we did a little shopping and just hung out together. That evening, I gave Rosie a pedicure (she is super ticklish on her feet!). As she was getting her toes painted she drifted off to sleep, sweet little girl. I had so much fun just being with her and enjoying her all by herself. She is so funny and says some of the most curious things! Where does an eight year old come UP with this stuff?
The next morning, the boys were due home. Bailey Rose and I were headed off to church and to teach Sunday School and we got a call from Michael. "Guess who is sick now?" Michael said. Poor thing. He traveled home (a 5 hour trip that ended up taking 7 hours) with various "necessary stops" regarding his sickness. He made it home and went straight to bed. We were glad to have our boys home, sick or otherwise. Another adventure on the Penderosa!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Girl's Night Out!

Well, we got rid of the men (it's deer season in KS) and the Girl's Have Gone Wild! Ok, perhaps a little toned down from the "original version" but fun all the same! Bailey Rose and I kicked off the weekend a little early on Thursday evening by eating tomato soup In the living room On the Floor for dinner! Then, between me tying up an order of bows, we played Jr Monopoly. She cheats BTW. She crashed in our bed and we slept and coughed and blew our noses until around 6 this am. I had mentioned to her the night before that "Monk" was coming on at 7am on Friday. IF she got all her chores done Before seven, she could watch it. Honey, she was up, brushed (teeth and hair), dressed and fed and poised in front of the TV by 6:58 am. HA! She only got to watch 30 min of it but some is better than none- right?

Sidenote: Bailey Rose is HOOKED on the "Monk" series! Grandma Sheila got her the second season for her birthday this year. She actually wanted to dress up as Monk for Halloween but I wasn't sure quite how to pull that off. Thank you Tony Shalub...

I subbed today and then we came home together. By 5:30 we were out again and went for dinner at a wonderful Korean restaurant, Kopan. Yummo! Our super dinner was followed by the new "Madagascar" movie. Pretty cute flick. The penguins are still the funniest characters. Now we are cuddled in bed getting ready for another big day.

Sidenote #2: Got a message from Michael after the movie tonight that our Little Man, Ike, was feeling yucky. A sour tummy (complete with a "dinner review") but no temp. Prayerfully, he is on the mend. Poor little guy. However, I am not worried. Daddy and Uncie Macky are on the job.

More updates tomorrow! Off to snuggle my girl and watch "Hannah Montana"!

I Wanna Be Like Her....

So, you may have noticed something different..... I changed the background on our blog! I have attempted this before when my sister did it but had little success. Baby Sister has always been a little cooler than me. But then Renee' changed her blog and I thought, "I wanna do that too!" So I tried again and I must say that because of the modifications made by "The Cutest Blog on the Block" I finally had success! So, enjoy this background because this is just another crafty outlet for me so there is no telling What will happen next.....