Monday, August 25, 2008

Whadaya Do? Huh?

So my sweet little kindergarten boy came clean, literally, on his third day of school. While I was washing his hair last Thursday night, Isaac confessed (looking at me with his big blue eyes) "I was a little bit naughty at school today." When I asked him what he did, he just looked down. Finally, he told me that he had been talking to a little girl, Autumn, about the toilet located in the classroom. They decided that if it overflowed that they could go surfing on the excess water. They kind of forgot to listen to the teacher and be quiet when they were told so..... Yep, girls will get ya everytime.

Flashforward to the next day. I picked the kids up from school and noticed a sticker on Isaac's shirt. "Cool sticker Ike", I said. "Yeah, I used to have three", he said. Um, What? Seems that as you enter gym class, you receive three stickers. If you are wonderful you get to keep all three stickers. If you slap a little boy named Logan on the arm and then talk sassy to the coach afterwards, you lose two stickers. Hence, the singular sticker on my lovely boy.

We went home to do some biblio-therapy in the form of "I'm sorry" letters to the coach and to Logan. Lemme tell ya, that is some doin for a kindergarten boy to write two full length letters. After it was all said and done (insert a talking-to from Daddy somewhere in all of this) he looks at me and says, "Writing is fun! I like writing letters!" Great! Whadaya Do?

Today is Monday. Today we prayed for and received, a better day. Hallelujah!

Stopping for a quick breath....

Hello! I haven't had a moment to blog since school started! Remember when I was wondering what I was going to do with all my new found time after the kids started school? Ummmm.... yea, that didn't happen. Glory Be! I have been nuts with the upcoming Life Group rally we are in charge of, my bow business orders, running all those errands that I never got to this summer and voluteering at the school (nevermind all the "normal" things that I have always done!). THEN the kids come home and we do homework (compliments of Momma). A select few people who knew, told me that I would be busier than ever AFTER the kids were in school. I shoulda listened. But, in truth, I do love to voluteer and work for a great cause and so my heart still smiles at the end of the day. Michael just laughs at me and shakes his head!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today Was the Day...

Well, today I took TWO children to school, the same school, and I left them there ALL DAY!!!! First we dropped off Bailey Rose in second grade with Mrs Robbins. Mrs Robbins is very young and pretty and her room was top notch. It is her first year at Northside. While I smiled and took pictures, I was secretly resisting the urge to tell her that while other children would be in her class, Bailey Rose would be the most helpful and charming. I wanted to tell her what a treasure Bailey is and what a blessing she is to our family. Bailey Rose sat down in her chair, tucked her bag away and smiled and said, "See ya Mom!". I took the information packet from Mrs Robbins and left. I just left. Bailey Rose was fine. I didn't really have time to let that sink in before Isaac was pulling on my pant leg and asking about his class. So, off we went. The kindergarten hallway was very congested with lots of mommas and daddies. We made our way to Mrs Saunders' class. There she was. Also, very pretty and very young. She was glad to see us and told us to let Isaac pick out a seat. He didn't quite know where to sit and we helped him find a chair. He sat down with his brand new Transformer backpack still on his back. I helped him hang it on the back of his chair. If he needed help with these small things, how would he make it through the day without me? I wanted to tell his teacher that this was my baby boy. That sometimes he got a scratchy neck if he got too sweaty. I wanted to tell her that Isaac was my last and maybe I should stay just for the first day. I looked down at Isaac's table and he was talking to a little boy next to him. They were working a puzzle. Wow. He looked up and smiled at me and said, "See ya Mom!" Mrs Saunders had her own version of an information packet. I took it and left. I just left. My kids were fine. So was I.

I was fine until we got outside and somebody actually asked me how I was. My quivering voice and tears surprised me. Michael laughed and hugged me as we walked. He said, "You did good sweetie". People told me taking both kids the first day of school would be hard but I thought they were talking about the kids!

They had a super time and are both ready to go right back tomorrow. I have to say that I missed them. I also got some good shopping done and had lunch at a place that does NOT serve chicken nuggets. I think I will be fine.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whatever will I DO?!

Now that my kids are BOTH off to school, people have begun to ask, "NOW what will you do?" I guess I am supposed to have a super plan that looks worthwhile to the outside world. Something I have secretly been waiting all these many years to do but haven't because of "the children". While this year will bring new adventures for the offspring, it will also bring a career change, of sorts, for me. One of my friends told me about something that service men do before they are discharged. They save up alllllll their days off and then, right before they leave their post, they take that time off all at once. It is called Terminal Leave. So, I think that is what I will do, for a while anyhow. At least a week or so. Terminal Leave. Yes, this will be my first day off in......
Well, in 8 years. So that is my super, life-changing plan. Actually, I do plan to sub a little at Northside (Bailey and Isaac's school) and amp up my bow business and be more involved at the church. So see I really DO have a plan but the Terminal Leave thing does sound tempting......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Last Trip Before School Starts....

This is my first entry, obviously. We are visiting my sister in KC and had a mini celebration for Bailey's 8th birthday tonight. My sister, Kathryn, ordered some incredible cupcakes from her neighbor for the event. YUMMO!!!! Bailey felt pretty special and we ALL enjoyed the cupcakes! We have had a lovely visit and will all be back together as a family on Friday when we join Michael and Isaac back at Grandma Sheila's. Isaac has been at Grandma's and Uncle Matt's this week. Each night he has been reporting big fun and lots of "I love you's". Next week, everyone goes back to school. This year BaileyRose will be a second grader and Isaac will be in kindergarten! Wow! How time flies!