Monday, November 14, 2011

How Crazy is THAT?

So, the other day BaileyRose (who is now 11) and I were driving home from bowling league. BaileyRose has been on a league for over 2 years now and is quite a little bowler. Anyway, we were listening to AFR (American Family Radio) and the subject of abortion came up. I shook my head in response to one of the comments a caller made and BaileyRose asked me why. I said,"Well, you know what abortion is, don't you?" "No", she replied.

These are the things they don't prepare you for in prenatal class...... how to carry out these conversations is NOWHERE in the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. So I did what I usually do...... I plunged ahead into a full blown teachable moment. Forever a teacher I guess.

I explained as best I could, in terms that an 11 year old could grasp, exactly WHAT abortion was. As I got deeper into my explanation, the words that were coming out of my mouth seemed more and more ridiculous. I was saying things like, "Abortion is a surgery that some women CHOOSE to have so that they will no longer be pregnant" and "Yes, they have to pay for the abortion" and "Yes, even though doctors are supposed to HELP people, they still do this surgery"....... "No, the babies don't live after the abortion but they were alive before"....... "Yes, sweetie, their little hearts WERE beating before the surgery".

At one point BaileyRose asked me WHY the pregnant women don't just HAVE their babies and give them to people like our friends Missy and Kyle or Amber and Dave (Who have trouble conceiving). I told her I wasn't sure. I begin to explain that many women simply didn't want the inconvenience of giving birth...... or they were embarrassed....... or they had been raped....... or they were scared. Again, my own words sounded flat out crazy.

BaileyRose quietly took all this information into her precious little 11 year old heart.

I have always said that she was born with her hip out...... just far enough out to perch a baby. She LOVES everything about children...... she helps teach a toddler class at church and she does it all...... from snotty noses to dirty diapers. If you are ever searching for her in a crowd, find the little children and BaileyRose won't be far away.

After she pondered all the subject matter we had discussed, she looked over at me in disbelief and said, "Momma...... they are KILLING those babies."

Funny how an 11 year old can figure that out.........

I simply replied, "Yes, baby, they are......"

Like I said before...........CRAZY.