Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kids Are a Hassle.....

So I had an interesting conversation with a lady the other day..... a teacher actually.
Me: "Have you read this book by Janet Evanovich?"

Interesting Teacher Lady: "I don't read...."

Me: "You don't read? Oh..... ok?"

Interesting Lady (with a little attitude): "Yeah, I have four kids! You wouldn't understand..... you only have two kids...... four is way different. And the older they get, the more time they take."

Me (trying to keep it light hearted): "Oh, well I didn't know this was a Mom contest! I love to read..... I will leave a dirty kitchen sink and clothes to fold for a good book....."

Not so Interesting Teacher Lady: "You know where I am going after this??? To VOLLEYBALL practice! Yeah, til EIGHT tonight....!!!!"

Me (turning to another teacher at the lunch table): "Have you read this one by Janet Evanovich?"

Now...... here is the deal. Kids are a BIG hassle. My momma has said this for a long time......They smell funny, they produce lots of laundry and require lots of food, they whine, they argue and they are ALWAYS doing SOME type of fundraiser. It is soooo much easier to go to Wal Mart WITHOUT a two year old..... A. LOT.

I know kids are a blessing and a heritage from the Lord and all that..... but, truth be told, they take a lotta work. And when we signed on for this rollercoaster, we kinda knew that. We didn't know to what extent (cause no one can really tell you, ya just gotta live that part). But we knew that our lives would be different.

So, I am wondering if this lady with four kids was somehow surprised with how different her life had become? And does she have a life outside of her kids? Does she have an identity?

Kids are a hassle. But the reward FAR out weighs the hassle.

Kids are funny and snuggly and they smell good after they get out of the bath. Kids turn to smile at you after they score the winning point and they write essays about how they wanna be just like mom when they grow up. Kids tell you your zucchini casserole is the best and they laugh at your dumb jokes. And when you hear your children pray..... well, forgettaboutit.

Yeah, they DO need you more as they get older and I will certainly BE there more until they just can't stand me.