Sunday, January 17, 2010

Climbing and Cakes!

See that little gal climbing that wall? That's MY girl! We went to our Girl Scout Council cookie rally the night before cookie sales started. They had lots of cool stuff but THIS was the activity my girls most wanted to do.
Bailey Rose had no fear (she had done this last year so she was familiar with it). She hopped right in the harness and started climbing!

My latest cake.....Wait for it.... Wait for it.....

Do you know where you are?

You're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

This is the cake I did for a "Wizard of Oz" themed bridal shower. So fun! The shoes are my favorite! This was a vanilla almond cake done in almond buttercream and covered in fondant. All accents are fondant and gel paint. I delievered the cake and got to see the shower decor..... they were so neat!
This was a cake (2 tiers) done for a set of twins who are real-deal techies. They love their Macs and wanted this Apple logo for their cake. This is vanilla-almond cake iced in buttercream.

Monday, January 11, 2010


New cake! I have done several cakes recently (an X-Box console and controller cake, a snowman cake) but I keep forgetting to take pictures! This picture is actually a "bootleg" pic from Facebook! It was for our Children's pastors birthday. Her motto in life is "Shine" and because we all knew it was her birthday, I thought this was appropriate. This weekend, a bridal shower cake and the theme is.... wait for it..... "Wizard of Oz"! How FUN! I promise I will take pics!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Natalie.... The Hampster

This is our newest girl.... Natalie. GrandTone and Grandpa Trumpet gave BaileyRose a new cage for Christmas. Well, an empty hampster cage is just sad.... so, off the pet store we went! After an exhaustive search, we found Natalie. She is so cute and very busy. BaileyRose about wears her out! She has her out all the time! But Natalie likes to play and stuff her cheeks (something Buddy the Hampster doesn't like to do). Now we have two hampsters in residence. BaileyRose is such a good hampster momma and keeps the cages nice and clean. Thanks for the present GrandTone and Trumpet! Welcome to the family Natalie!