Friday, December 12, 2008

Check out this Give-A-Way!

I happened upon a blog called . They are having a Fiesta ware give-a-way! I love me some Fiesta ware! We have lots of the pink but the shamrock looks so cute with it! Check it out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! "Behold! I bring you good news of great JOY which shall be to all men!" Have a very beautiful and merry CHRISTmas from the (sometimes slightly strange) Pendergrass family! We love you all!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Minor Happenings and Random Ramblings

Michael is gone this week to hunt rifle season in Kansas. This pleases me to no end as it is a true time of renewal and happiness for him AND we get to fill our freezer for the year. However, I have said it before, I miss him when he is absent. So, there it is. I miss you sweet Mikey! Come home soon!

We are finally putting up all the Christmas decor around the house. I am still somewhat lost as to where things "go"- this being only our second Christmas in this house. In Kansas, I had a pre-determined place for all the decorations and now I am starting all over! It is kind of like putting a puzzle together without the box!

I have had a big bow making week and my poor area rug may never be the same. Lots of bits and pieces. Add to that, Christmas wrapping paper and snuggly cat fuzz and mercy! My vaccum has certainly been working overtime.

I am off to read and then bed. I am sooo enjoying this book, "World Without End" by Ken Follet. It is a sequel to his "Pillars of the Earth" which is now an Oprah book. However, My Momma was telling people to read it ("Pillars") LONG before Oprah even knew who Ken Follet was!
Tomorrow (we "plan" to be on the road by 7 am! Heavens!) we have a Girl Scout excursion to Lake Dardanelle. I will post pics of our travels!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ike the Football Playing Preacher

We have had such a big time these last few days and have just a few pictures to document our adventures. This Thanksgiving we traveled to Kansas to spend a few days at Grandma Sheila's and Uncle Matt's. Before we went to Kansas, Isaac had his Thankgiving Pagent at school. The children were grouped in different catagories: Corn, Men/women Pilgrims, Men/women Indians, turkeys, Pilgrim Ministers. Isaac was a Pilgrim Minister and was just too cute. Whenever his "role" came up in the story he (and all the other ministers) yelled, "Praise the Lord!". Only in the South would you go to a public school and hear you child yell out "Praise the Lord!" God Bless America!
We had a wonderful visit with Grandma and Uncle Matt. It was so good to see them and also see some of our Pittsburg/Frontenac friends. As you may have seen from the previous entries, we had crablegs for our Thanksgiving feast. We also had shrimp, scallops, corn, potatoes, onions and some Amazing Pumpkin Pie (with carmel and graham cracker crust)- SOOOOO Good! Thank you Grandma and Uncle!
The next picture is of Isaac with his trophy from flag football. He had a super time learning to play this year and plans to play again in the spring. The trophies are really cool and even have their names on them! He was so stoked. "My first trophy Mom!"
We are glad to be settled back in our own little nest. We certainly had a blessed Thanksgiving! God bless you and yours! Til next time......